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Best CPAP Mask for side sleepers (Wisp CPAP Mask)

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Respironics Wisp CPAP Mask Review

The Wisp CPAP Mask is a very effective mask for treating sleep apnea in patients diagnosed with the disorder. This mask also comes with headgear to help hold the mask in place during the course of the treatment. This mask has different frame choices to choose from. These choices include a more traditional feel from the silicone clear style and then a softer, fabric feel with the fabric frame option. There are also three sizes available which are all included when you get the mask. These sizes are available so that you can have the best fit for your individual use. There is little face contact with a smaller cushion design. Also, there is no need for a forehead support due to the great headgear design that this mask offers. Before we get into it, I suggest that you check out some other articles such as the best CPAP masks, some comfortable masks as well as my opinion on the best masks for side sleepers. Now let’s get right into my Wisp CPAP mask review!

Size/Materials Used/Durability

This mask creates a lightweight mask experience for the patient. Also, it is made from materials which are used to create a comfortable sleep environment for the patient too. There are two different mask frame options, either silicone or fabric for your choice of comfort. The cushion is made from silicone. The elbow is made from polycarbonate and the headgear clip is made from Acetal Copolymer. The headgear, itself, is made from UBL, Urethane Foam, Nylon and Lycra and Nylon thermoplastic. The tube is created from thermoplastic polyester elastomer. Finally the swivel is created from polycarbonate as well. The tubing is 16 inches long and that includes the swivel and the elbow. This mask is made to be durable via the materials that are used.


The comfort of this mask is designed so that all sleep apnea patients can have a great sleep apnea therapy treatment. The size and design of this mask provide increased comfort to the patients who use it. In addition, there is minimal face contact from the mask so the patient can sleep easier without feeling trapped by the mask. Click here to learn about the most comfortable masks on the market today.


This mask has highly rated specifications which include:

  • A Silicone or Fabric Mask Frame
  • Headgear Included
  • Three Sizes of Cushion (Small, Medium and Large)
  • Tubing That Includes a Swivel and an Elbow

These specifications give the sleep apnea patient many options for their own sleep therapy comfort and experience.


This mask also has many amazing, highly rated features. These great features include:

  • Open Field of Vision So The Patient Doesn’t Feel Trapped
  • Offers a Better Quality of Sleep
  • Minimal Face Contact and Great Seal
  • Design is Compact
  • Great Fit
  • Multiple Frame Choices
  • Great Sight While Wearing Mask
  • Lightweight Mask
  • Different Options for the Hose Position

These features offer the sleep apnea patient many options from the frame to the size and even the hose position. With options, the patient can feel much more comfortable using this mask.

Summary of the Wisp CPAP Mask

This mask offers great options for an individualized sleep apnea therapy treatment experience. If you want a mask that provides you a therapy treatment choice, the Wisp CPAP Mask is the choice you should make.

No matter which mask you choose to go with, you definitely need to pick up additional tubing as well as my favorite tube cleaner. These things get pretty discussing with regular use and they should be replaced and cleaned on the regular basis in order for them to keep sanitary! Click here to check out how this mask compares to the best CPAP masks on the market today.

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