Best travel CPAP Machines

If you are in a hurry and just want to find out which is the best travel CPAP machines out there then I’d recommend the ResMed AirMini as the best one.

You’ve got your CPAP treatment sorted.  Your perfect set-up greets you every night as you get into your bed.  But the fact is you don’t always get into YOUR bed.  Business trips, vacations or visiting family and friends can present a problem for a sleep apnea patient.  Living under house arrest isn’t an option, what do you do?  This is our guide to the Best Travel CPAP Machines of 2020.

One option some sleep apnea patients do consider is just doing without whilst they’re away.  This shouldn’t really be something that you look into; you wouldn’t not bother taking your glasses and just try to squint for the time you’re not at home.  And the impact to your health if you don’t receive your sleep apnea treatment could be severe.  You need a portable CPAP machine.  Which is why we have created our list of the Best Travel CPAP Machines of 2020.

Here are the travel CPAP machines we’ll be reviewing:


What makes a portable CPAP machine?

During the process of being diagnosed and prescribed treatment, it is well worth telling your doctor that you travel a lot.  This will help you receive the correct CPAP treatment from the start and you can look into the best portable CPAP machines for you.

You ‘re going to find portable CPAP machines are:

  • Able to run on batteries
  • Small and lightweight
  • More straightforward to use
  • Come with a carry case


The list of the Best travel CPAP Machines of 2020

ResMed AirMini Auto Travel CPAP Machine

The world’s smallest CPAP machine and a contender for not only the best travel CPAP machine, but also for outright Best CPAP Machine! It’s packed with many of the same features and modes as its big sibling the AirSense 10 but weighs in at just 0.66 pounds making it the perfect CPAP machine if you are regularly away from home.

ResMed AirMini?Auto Travel CPAP Machine

What we like…

It’s your travel buddy

If you are away from your own bed a lot with your job, on vacation, having an affair or simply like the idea of a nap on the couch, this is the CPAP machine for you.  Small, compact and easy to use, it is the perfect CPAP travel companion.

The App

The AirMini has an accompanying app for your smartphone which allows you to have control of your machine and you’re able to download your data to your phone so you can see how well you slept and keep monitoring your sleep whilst you are away from home.

Mask set up

You will get a setup pack to match your compatible mask (required to use the AirMini). Designed to be as easy to use as possible. (for more info on the best CPAP masks here)

The look

It looks good compared to many of the ‘full fat’ versions.  Although arguably it could look even better, which leads us on to…

What we don’t like….

Maybe still needs a small revamp?

Whilst its size lends itself towards being discreet and not too much of an eyesore, we still think that it could be made to look just that bit more, well, sexy. Especially if you’re taking it on your travels and potentially using it around people who are not familiar with your sleep apnea.  You may feel more comfortable with something just that bit less clinical.


It removes some of the complexities of the ResMed AirSense 10, so if you were put off by that CPAP by its levels of tech this may be the CPAP machine for you.  In the category of Best Portable CPAP Machine on-the-go, this is a class leader.

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Respironics DreamStation Go Auto CPAP Machine

The little brother of the DreamStation Auto, which topped our list for the overall Best CPAP Machine of 2020.  Respironics have very cleverly condensed all their knowledge and technology into an incredible little CPAP machine which will be a breeze to take with you on your travels.

Respironics DreamStation Go Auto CPAP Machine

What we like…

It’s tiny!

This thing is small. In fact, it has roughly two thirds fewer components than other travel machines making it the perfect travel companion.  It means it is easier for packing, carrying and transporting.  But it also means it is easier to use in an unusual setup.  On a flight, as a passenger in a car or in a hotel room where your normal CPAP system would struggle to find a home.

It’s got the power

The battery DreamStation GO ‘overnight’ battery does just that. It lasts overnight if you can’t plug into power. The exact length depends on the likes of altitude, leakage, pressure settings and temperature.  But this add-on purchase will make your travel CPAP treatment incredibly easy.  It also has a USB charging port so if your battery isn’t charged and you do have access to power, you know you will receive your treatment uninterrupted.

Performs very well

The DreamStation Auto offers incredible levels of performance and Respironics have been able to condense that into the DreamStation GO.

Tech loaded

For such a small device you get a lot of tech in there. Bluetooth and a Micro SD card mean you can sync your treatment results with your main home CPAP machine.  You can also get your results analyzed on the go.  Incredibly easy to use as well.  There will be no need to be a tech geek to get your head around it all!

Micro tubing

A lot of time has gone into reducing bulk for one of the best travel CPAP machines. And one innovation is the tubing.  Incredibly small and incredibly flexible.  Making it easier to transport and to set up.  It’s just 12mm in diameter which is so much smaller than any home-based CPAP machine

You’re covered

Comes with a 2-year warranty for peace of mind.

What we don’t like…

Power charge

Sadly, the DreamStation GO’s overnight battery isn’t included as standard. So there is an additional cost for that battery power.  However, how often are you sleeping somewhere that doesn’t have access to a power socket?


Experts in their field, Respironics have squashed everything they know into this brilliant addition to the list of the best travel CPAP machines.  It looks good, it performs brilliantly and it will make CPAP treatment ‘on the go’ pretty much as easy as you could hope for.

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Transcend 365 MiniCPAP Auto

Fixed pressure CPAP treatment wherever you want it.  Not just a CPAP machine that’s good for traveling with, it is a good travel CPAP machine.  No cord and even the ability to solar charge it’s been designed for the CPAP patient away from home.


 What we like…

Power crazy

You can get the Transcend 365 MiniCPAP with the optional Transcend P10 battery. This battery will last between 14 and 16 hours. So unless you are half cat, half human you won’t be running out of power during a normal night of sleep. You can use the provided standard AC adapter to recharge.


Some smaller units are louder than their full size counterparts.  With less material and structure to dampen and absorb sound, they can get a little noisy.  But not the Transcend Mini which produces less than 30dB of sound.

Lightweight comfort

The Transcend 365 is the world lightest’s CPAP machine with integrated heated humication! You wont hurt your back when packing this machine for travel while also having the most comfortable CPAP treatment during the night.

Packs a punch

Small but can generate some good pressures.  It can deliver treatment at up to 20 cmH2O.  It won’t start at that though; the ramp feature nicely eases the patient into a night of treatment.

Travel bag

Comes with a great travel case.  Ideal for your time away from home.

What we don’t like;

Charge indicator

It isn’t always painfully obvious how much charge is left. But with the option of charging from the grid or via the solar panel charger, you can always top up easily enough if in doubt.  Plus a fully charged battery lasts 14-16 hours so chances are you probably aren’t running low!


Built solely with the traveling CPAP patient in mind. The amazing battery life is hard to beat so you can be away from home and know your CPAP treatment won’t suffer.

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Z1 Auto Unplugged System CPAP Machine

CPAP treatment in the palm of your hand!  That’s not a naff cliché, that’s true.  This is a contender for best travel CPAP machine because it literally fits into the palm of your hand.  The world’s smallest and lightest automatic CPAP machine.

Z1 Auto Unplugged System CPAP Machine

What we like

The app

The ‘nitelog’ app (available on iPhone only) is a brilliant way of monitoring your CPAP treatment when away from home. Easily syncs up with your phone.

Lookin’ good

As CPAP machines go, Z1TM is easily one of the better looking. Very smart design and coloring with an easy to read and dynamic display.


This thing is quiet! Which is important for any CPAP machine, but to feature on the list of best travel CPAP machines, the operational volume is key.  If you are away from your bed you might already feel out of your routine.  A quiet CPAP machine will help you feel settled.  Also if you plan on using this on a flight, you won’t be getting irritated looks from fellow passengers.

Power options

This has the option of an integrated battery system. Called the PowerShellTM, from fully charged it will deliver a full night of power completely chord free.

Data friendly

Download the free software and you can record and track all your information. Presented in a great user-friendly way, you can keep tabs on your treatment whilst away from home.

What we don’t like…


Samsung phone users might be a bit irritated that the app isn’t available on Android. But that is only one part of this excellent machine.


A brilliantly small, light and quiet portable CPAP machine.  HDM may not be the first name that comes to mind when thinking of CPAP machines but they have created a very good portable CPAP machine.

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To Conclude

Just not bothering with your CPAP treatment whilst you’re away from home shouldn’t be an option to you.  Especially if you travel a lot, you’ll be missing out on a lot of vital treatment.  If you are away from home, it is going to be because you’ve gone somewhere you want, or need, to make the most of; vacation, business trip or seeing family.  So fatigue shouldn’t be something you just put up with. Similarly, damaging your health isn’t something you should risk. This list of the best travel CPAP machines has, we hope, given you some thoughts on what type of portable CPAP treatment might be best for you. We are always delighted to hear from you if you have questions though so please don’t hesitate to write to us in the comment section below.

Thanks and happy sleeping from Cara Gilmore and the SnoringABC Team!

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