SoClean 2 Review – (Independent Expert’s Review)

What follows is a fact. A set-in-stone, can’t be argued, ‘you mustn’t ignore’ this type fact. So here it is…you have to clean your CPAP equipment. Like, properly clean it. To avoid infection, to ensure your expensive CPAP treatment remains effective, and to prolong its lifespan. One of the first names you’ll hear of in this field is SoClean. A big name in the world of CPAP hygiene, so here is our SoClean 2 review!

Why is it so important to clean your CPAP equipment?

For one, you probably purchased one of the best CPAP machines on the market today and just like any top quality piece of equipment you own, you should treat it with care, and it will reciprocate the gesture by providing you the best sleep apnea treatment.

Without being rude, you are disgusting! We all are. It’s impossible to avoid germs and bacteria. A totally sterile life is all but impossible, and hopefully you were allowed to climb trees and pick up worms as a child because that will have helped your body develop an immune system.

But next time you use an ATM, just think how many other fingers have pressed the buttons on that keypad. Next time you open a door in a public building. Next time you handle money! Bacteria and germs live in our world and they live in your home. We have bacteria living in us, on us and alongside us – it is said that your toilet seat is roughly 400 times cleaner than likes of your computer keyboard or TV remote!

No matter how clean you may think your house is, it will never be a sterile environment. It’s impossible! And that is generally ok. Exposure to some germs and bacteria is important otherwise you would be unwell every time you left your homemade quarantine tent!

But you can’t risk a dirty CPAP machine. Because whatever starts to make itself at home in your CPAP equipment will be inhaled right into your respiratory system. On top of that, if your CPAP machine has a humidifier, you are creating the perfect environment for bacteria to breed and develop. Plus all that warm damp air is the perfect place for mold to run wild, and mold spores are not something you want to suck straight into your lungs night after night.

There’s another issue with dirty CPAP equipment. Allowing mold to gather or cultures of bacteria to set up home will reduce the efficiency of your CPAP treatment. When a cyclist cleans their bike, they’re going to need to de-grease the chain from time to time.  A build-up of grime will only make cycling harder work for them as the efficiency of the bike is compromised.  Same thing with your CPAP machine!  If things are living in it (which we admit, you probably can’t see without a microscope – but trust us, they’re’ there!), the quality of your treatment will suffer. You’re also making your CPAP work harder and so you are reducing its lifespan. So from time to time, you can get away with dirty fingernails whilst you eat a sandwich. You can not however get away with an unclean CPAP set-up.

So how to clean it easily and effectively?

Before the review, a warning…

How often should you be cleaning your CPAP equipment? Well the more lazy amongst your aren’t going to like this, but you should be cleaning your mask daily. The SoClean review you’re about to read should convince you of how easy it is to use, so daily cleaning shouldn’t be a time concern for you.

But if you want to make it even more rapid, you can get CPAP mask cleaning wipes to make this daily process a bit more straightforward; such as these.

Cleaning your mask on a daily basis may seem like an effort but it’s an effort worth putting in! This is the part of your CPAP equipment where bacteria, germs and general grime are most likely to gather. It’s very much a bug’s departure lounge before jetting off into your lungs. Cleaning the rest of your equipment should be a weekly job? Don’t think you need to? Well after a week of use, give your CPAP hose a sniff and see what you think! Because whatever is causing that smell if going straight into your lungs every night!

SoClean 2 Review

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So why is the SoClean 2, such a prominent name when it comes to CPAP hygiene? Stick ‘cpap cleaning machines reviews’ into a search engine and SoClean will more than likely pop up. In fact, you may find a lot of SoClean CPAP reviews, but here we give you answers to everything you may need to know. And even some answers to questions you haven’t thought of yet!


What we like…

Hey good lookin’

The SoCLean 2 is aesthetically very pleasing. A really sleek design, which is particularly impressive when you consider how much they can fit in the chamber! But we’ll come on to that soon. Both have a really simple and slick looking display and they take up very little room; their footprint is small so it’s not like you’re going to have to rearrange your home to find somewhere for this to live.

It works. Really well.

The biggest reason that a SoClean 2 is likely to be very favorable, is that it works so well. The SoClean 2 claims to kill 99.9% of all bacteria and germs. And we guess they’re not saying 100% just to cover their backs legally! But put it this way, SoClean is the choice of hospitals across America. So it’s clearly a name that is trusted and it means you have industry standard cleaning power within your own home. It uses activated oxygen, called ozone, to achieve a level of cleanliness that is almost impossible to rival. Additionally, in case you BiPAP users were wondering, yes it works great with all of the name brand BiPAP machines as well.

Completely automated.

You put your CPAP equipment in the tank in the morning. You take it out before bed. It’s clean, dry and ready to be used. This is one of the key features that people speak of in SoClean CPAP reviews – how convenient it makes the whole process. The tank is large enough to fit nearly every make and model of the CPAP masks. If you are put off the idea of goof CPAP hygiene by the idea that it is an effort, the SoClean is the answer. Added to this, is the facility to clean any makes of heated hose. If your CPAP mask and machine use a heated hose, you can still use the SoClean 2! You’ll need an adaptor to facilitate this, but the SoClean 2 is still an option that’s available to you.

Take a big sniff!

The smell of your freshly cleaned CPAP equipment will fill you with a massive confidence. It’s hard to describe, other than it just smells clean! It’s not a perfumed odor, it is quite a neutral scent. But it just gives you a confidence that you have killed off anything that may have been lurking in your CPAP gear. It’s not uncommon in a SoClean 2 to hear of a user actually looking forward to bedtime just so they can put their mask on and enjoy the comforting sensation of having a hygienic night of sleep to look forward to.

The price.

Given how effective this is, given how easy it is to use, given how reliable it is…it should cost so much more than it does. You may be tempted by investing in less expensive CPAP cleaning machines, but don’t venture too far from the SoClean range. For the quality of performance you are getting, and how easy to use Better Rest Solutions have made the SoClean and SoClean 2, you will be grateful for spending just a few more hard earned dollars.

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The first point that should have landed, is that you MUST be cleaning your CPAP equipment. It’s almost unimportant how you are going it, as long as you are doing and doing it properly. The risks of not doing it are just too great. But if you want a level of sanitization that is so good that hospitals are trusting it, you need to shop in the SoClean range. The SoClean 2 is deserving of its many accolades.