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Sleepweaver Anew

Sleepweaver Anew

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Sleepweaver Anew Review

This full face mask has the newest cloth design and one of the best things is that the mask is non-allergenic. This mask is designed to fit very well on sleep apnea patients who are mouth breathers. It offers a dual interface design that keeps the seal great around the nose as well as the mouth. There aren’t any gaps and the only part touching the face is the soft cloth. This mask provides a loose fit so that all sleep apnea patients can experience great comfort during their treatments. Since the only part touching the face is the soft cloth there aren’t any marks left on the face. There are many different size options available so that each patient can have a mask that will fit them individually. The Circadiance masks are the only type of masks available that are made from cloth and not plastic. Some other helpful articles for you guys maybe my article on the best CPAP masks as well as what CPAP mask you should use if you are a side sleeper!

Size/Materials Used/Durability

The Sleepweaver Anew is a great sized sleep apnea machine mask. The mask is made from polyester, nylon and elastane. The headgear is made from Lycra, nylon and foam. The mask elbow is made from polycarbonate. Each of these materials offers extreme comfort and non-allergenic mask experience for the sleep apnea patient. This mask is quite durable as well. Check out these two articles for more information on allergic reactions to CPAP masks: allergy or pressure ulcers and forum


This mask offers extreme comfort for sleep apnea patients. Due to the soft cloth that the mask is made out of patients do not have to worry about having their sleep apnea machine mask leave marks on their face. In addition the mask has a great design and multiple sizes available to fit almost every face shape. Due to these different designs each patient can find a comfortable fit for their face. Find out which are the most comfortable CPAP masks on the market today here.


The specifications of this full face mask include the following:

  • CPAP Mask
  • Comes With Instructions
  • Cloth Cushion Mask
  • Multiple Sizes Available
  • Comes With Headgear
  • Comes With Informational CD
  • 4-30 cmwp Pressure Range
  • Compatible with CPAP, APAP and BiLevel Machines

These specifications make this mask one of the highest rated masks on the market for sleep apnea patients.


This full face mask has many advanced features. These features include all of the following:

  • Soft Cushion Cloth Mask
  • Seal That Is Inflatable
  • Design That Includes a Dual Chamber
  • Lacks Forehead Support
  • Elbow That Rotates 360 Degrees
  • Cloth Mask Is Travel Friendly
  • Feather Weight Tubing Is Optional
  • Exhalation That Is Quiet
  • Moisture Does Not Build Up
  • No Marks Are Left From The Air Flow Pressure
  • Headgear Is Comfortable

Every one of these features that this full face mask offers allows the sleep apnea patients to experience great sleep apnea therapy experiences.

Summary of the Sleepweaver Anew

The Sleepweaver Anew full face mask offers a soft, comfortable wear through the advanced cloth design. This cloth design along with the various top notch specifications and features bring this full face mask to the top of the sleep apnea masks that one could choose from for their sleep apnea treatments. If you are in need of a sleep apnea mask that offers comfort, breathability, quiet air flow, no marks left on your face and much more then choosing this full face mask will help you to find what you have been looking for.

If you are going to pick up a new CPAP mask, don’t forget the additional tubing as well as a tube cleaner. These things get pretty disgusting as we all know!

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