SleepStyle 234 CPAP Review

SleepStyle 234 CPAP

SleepStyle 234 CPAP

  • Pros
  • Good Pricing for This CPAP Machine
  • Great Mask
  • Small Compact CPAP Machine
  • Great Position of Keypad and the Display
  • User Friendly Which Makes This a Very Easy to Use CPAP Machine
  • Hot or Cold Humidification Options
  • Cons
  • Humidity Level Doesn't Reach High Enough for Some Users
  • Does Not Have Auto Detect
  • Too Loud For Most Users
  • No Exhalation Relief
Sound Level
Pressure Features
Data Capabillities
Unique Features
Ease of Use
Editors' Rating

This product has been discontinued and is no longer for sale.
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Introduction to the SleepStyle 234 CPAP Machine

This CPAP Machine is from the brand of Fisher and Paykel. This machine has a very convenient humidification system. This system allows for hot or cold options. Also the Ambient Tracking PLUS System offers technology for minimal condensation. This model has a great design with great benefits as well. With two water chambers, this machine works very well for sleep apnea and respiratory illness patients. It also provides a comfortable experience for the patient so that the most effective therapy for sleep issues can be accomplished. I also highly recommend that you check out my article on the best CPAP machines, best BiPAP machines as well as the differences between the two of them.

Size and Weight

The size of this CPAP Machine is very easy to transport. The size of the machine is 9.5″ x 5.5″ x 4. While there are other machines for sleep apnea that are a bit smaller, some of those machines seem to have a harder time staying in place where they are sat at night. This CPAP machine doesn’t have that problem. It weighs only 4.4 pounds which is not very heavy at all.

Ease of Use

This model is very easy to use with its user friendly technology. Along with the Ambient Tracking Plus technology and the humidification levels that auto adjust, the CPAP Machine offers comfortable use for almost all sleep apnea and respiratory illness patients. The data is easy to access with many different software programs so that both the patient and the prescribing physician can track and view the progress recorded by the machine.


This model has convenient specifications which include the following:

  • 4 to 20 cm H20 Pressure Range
  • One-Third of Set Pressure for Starting Pressure
  • Manual Altitude Compensation
  • SleepStyle 234 CPAP Machine
  • 0 to 30 Minute Ramp Time
  • Hose That is 6 Feet
  • Bag for Traveling
  • 2 Water Chambers
  • Filters (2 of Them)
  • Funnel
  • User Manuals
  • Power Supply

These specifications fit well for the use of a CPAP Machine. Patients with sleep apnea or respiratory illnesses would benefit from this model.


The features of this model are plentiful. Those features which will benefit the patients include:

  • Ambient Tracking Plus Which Allows for Auto Adjusting Humidification
  • Tracking of Data That Works With a Compliance Management Software
  • 3 in 1 System That Allows For Hot or Cold Humidification
  • Small CPAP Unit
  • User Friendly Display

The features of this CPAP Machine offer the sleep apnea or respiratory illness patient reliable tracking of their sleep obstructive issues. In addition, the hot or cold humidification is great for those who need a change in humidification types throughout their treatment. Also check out my review of another great Fisher and Paykel CPAP, the SleepStyle HC254 Auto.

SleepStyle 234 CPAP Summary

The SleepStyle 234 CPAP Machine is a user friendly CPAP Machine with great technology especially with the humidification features. This unit is a decent size machine with comfort provided for the sleep apnea or respiratory illness patient. While there isn’t as much data control with the unit as with other units, the specifications and other features outweigh that downfall. Overall this is not my favorite CPAP machine is on the market right now. I recommend the REMstar auto as well as the Dreamstation Auto. No matter which machine did you decide to go with, I suggest you get a machine cleaner. This will save you countless headaches and make your whole sleep apnea experience much more sanitary as well.

Click here to see how the SleepStyle 234 stacks up against the best cpap machines in the market today. Also you might be looking for a mask to go along with your CPAP machine. I suggest checking out my article on the top six CPAP masks, my most comfortable masks article as well as what the best masks for side sleepers are. Also check out my article on the essential sleep apnea supplies that you will need to make your nights much more comfortable. I hope you guys enjoyed my article. Sleep well!

Editors' Rating

This product has been discontinued and is no longer for sale.
Still looking for a new CPAP machine? Please refer to our Best CPAP Machines article which has an up to date list of the best CPAP machines.