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Fisher & Paykel Simplus Full Face Mask

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Fisher & Paykel Simplus Full Face Mask Review

The Simplus Mask is a full face CPAP Mask that comes with Headgear. The design of this mask creates great comfort, makes it very easy to use and provides a great seal as well. There are three main parts of this mask and those are the Ergo Foam headgear, the easy frame and the Roll Fit seal. This mask is also very lightweight and is very easy to clean and put back together. I also suggest that you check out my article on my top six favorite masks, the most comfortable masks, and if you happen to be a side sleeper, the best masks for side sleepers.

Size/Materials Used/Durability

This full face CPAP mask is very lightweight and is designed to provide the most comfort for as many sleep apnea patients as possible. The cushion of this full face CPAP mask is made from silicone making it very durable for patient use.


The comfort of this full face CPAP mask is very helpful for sleep apnea patients. The silicone mask provides a soft feel during the course of the treatments. In addition many sleep apnea patients are mouth breathers and this mask works wonderfully for those patients as well as many other sleep apnea patients. The straps on the mask and headgear are also adjustable so that you can make the mask fit perfectly for you. Find out which are the most comfortable CPAP masks on the market today here.


This full face CPAP mask has some great specifications. These specifications include those listed here:

  • Full Face CPAP Mask
  • Headgear Is Included
  • The Cushion Is Replaceable
  • The Headgear Has Quick Clips
  • Forehead Support
  • Silicone Mask
  • Great For Mouth Breathers
  • User Manual Included
  • Multiple Sizes Are Available

These specifications provide for a very great sleeping experience for the patients who use this full face CPAP mask. In addition, these specifications are provided to offer the sleep apnea patients a better experience than they may have experienced with some of the other CPAP masks that they may have used in the past or are currently using.


The features of this full face CPAP mask are from brilliant innovative technology. These features include those listed below:

  • An Easy Frame
  • ErgoFoam Headgear Is Included
  • RollFit Seal Is Included
  • Air Diffuser Of Advanced Technology
  • FlexFit Technology That Allows The Patient To Easily Adjust The Mask To Their Personalized Specifications
  • Great Comfort and Performance Makes This Mask Very Simple To Use
  • Mechanism That Uses Easy Clips

Each of these great features provides offers great comfort to the sleep apnea patients. They also provide the most advanced technology all rolled up into one mask making this mask a very highly rated full face CPAP mask. In addition, these features provide the sleep apnea patient with options for a personalized fit for their sleep apnea therapy treatments.

Simplus Mask Summary

The Simplus Mask is a full face CPAP mask that offers a comfortable sleeping experience, an easy to use mask, advanced technology with multiple different features and specifications and so much more. This advanced full face CPAP mask has truly redesigned the sleep apnea therapy treatment experiences for sleep apnea patients. There are definitely many different CPAP masks on the market. However, if you are looking for one that will fit great for you and allow you to sleep much more comfortably than you have been able to do so before than this full face CPAP mask will be the best for you.

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