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Respironics Nuance Pro Gel Nasal Pillow Mask

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Respironics Nuance Pro Review

The Respironics Nuance Gel Pillows Mask with Headgear is the only gel pillow platform sleep apnea machine mask on the market. It was created to offer sleep apnea patients the most extreme comfort that they could achieve during a sleep apnea therapy treatment. This mask fits many different face sizes and you can choose either a gel frame or a fabric frame for your choice of comfort options. The frames both offer a great seal and a quiet air flow. With the gel frame option your nasal passageways will stay comfortable as well. This is definitely a new and innovative way of providing effective sleep apnea therapy treatments. Some of their articles that you might find helpful are: my top favorite CPAP masks, great masks for side sleepers as well as some of the most comfortable options on the market today.

Size/Materials Used/Durability

This gel pillow mask with the headgear is a very lightweight mask with a great size as well. This mask is available in multiple sizes. The short tube without the swivel and the cuffs is a total of 13 inches in length. With the option of either a fabric frame or a gel cushion frame you have a choice in the materials that are used for your own comfort. This mask does withstand time and holds up in durability for a long period of time.


This gel pillow mask with the headgear is very comfortable for sleep apnea patients. This is the only gel pillow mask design throughout the field of sleep apnea therapy treatments and with the gel or fabric options, patients can choose their choice of comfort. However, the gel pillow mask has been highly rated among many various sleep apnea patients. If you want a truly comfortable sleep apnea machine mask then this gel pillow mask with the headgear would be a great option for you. Due to these different designs each patient can find a comfortable fit for their face. Find out which are the most comfortable CPAP masks on the market today here.


A sleep apnea machine mask should be able to provide effective sleep therapy treatments through the specifications and this mask holds true to that. The specifications of this mask are those following:

  • Includes The CPAP Mask, The Headgear and Nasal Pillow In Four Different Sizes
  • Has A Silicone Cushion Type
  • Nasal Pillow Mask Type
  • Has a Replaceable Cushion and A Gel Cushion
  • Has Multiple Sizes Available
  • Great For A Small or a Wide Face as Well As an Average Face
  • Great For Active Sleepers and Great For Watching Television During Use
  • Helpful For Patients Who Have Claustrophobia
  • Does Not Hurt Those With Facial Hair

These specifications truly do offer effective sleep therapy to sleep apnea patients.


The features of this sleep apnea machine mask are those following:

  • Gel Pillows For Great Comfort and Great Seal
  • Causes Little to No Face Marks
  • Headgear Has a Non-Slip Feature
  • Flexible Tubing Is Lightweight
  • Works For Different Nostril Sizes
  • Great Look
  • No Nasal Irritation
  • Two Mask Options Available
  • Micro Exhalation Ports
  • Great For Travel

If you want a sleep apnea machine mask with great features than this mask is the right one for you.


A sleep apnea machine mask should provide you with extreme comfort and work well in treating your sleep apnea condition. This mask allows you to have options for comfort and size with your mask. If you would like to find a sleep apnea therapy treatment mask that provides you with these great specifications and features, the Respironics Nuance mask should be your choice.

Besides getting a mask, make sure to pick up some additional tubing as well as a quality tube cleaner because these things get pretty disgusting!

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