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ResMed Swift FX

ResMed Swift FX

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ResMed Swift FX Review

The ResMed Swift FX Bella Nasal Pillow CPAP mask has many options for individualized comfort and convenience. This nasal pillow CPAP mask allows for a customizable fit along with a very comfortable sleeping experience. The ear loops are available in place of regular headgear to provide a better sleep apnea therapy treatment. This allows the mask to be very user friendly. In addition, this mask is very lightweight and extremely quiet during use. It also has a unique look and a great feel as well.

Size/Materials Used/Durability

This nasal pillow CPAP mask is uniquely designed to provide a great fit for sleep apnea patients. It only weights one pound. The short tube length without the swivel and cuffs is a total of 13.25 inches long. In addition it includes a small, medium and a large pillow so that each patient can experience sleep that they are comfortable with. The nasal pillow, headgear, Bella headgear strap and the Bella Headgear buckle are all made from silicone elastomer. The back strap is made from nylon and spandex and the Bella headgear soft sleeve is made from nylon and elastane. The elbow swivel is made from polycarbonate. The elbow is made from polypropylene. The short tube is made from thermoplastic polyester elastomer. The swivel assembly is made from polypropylene and polycarbonate. Finally, the soft wraps are made from nylon and Lycra. This mask is made to withstand many years of sleep so it is durable to do just that.


This nasal pillow CPAP mask is very comfortable and one of the main reasons for that is the advanced idea of using ear loops instead of regular headgear. This idea provides the sleep apnea patient a much more comfortable sleep along with much more freedom to move around during the use of the mask. This nasal pillow CPAP mask is one of the top choices for sleep apnea masks when it comes to look for a mask that provides extreme comfort to the sleep apnea patients. Find out which are the most comfortable CPAP masks on the market today here.


All nasal pillow CPAP masks that are on the market for sleep apnea machines should provide the sleep apnea patients with only the best specifications. This mask does that for these patients. These specifications include those listed right below:

  • Includes The Mask, The Swift FX Bella Ear Straps, The Swift FX Bella Headgear, The Soft Wrap for the Bella Headgear and the Soft Sleeves for the Bella Straps
  • Includes Three Nasal Pillows (Extra Small, Small and Medium Sizes)
  • Cushion Type Is Made From Silicone

The specifications of this nasal pillow CPAP mask offer extreme comfort for sleep apnea patients who choose this mask as the one for their therapy treatments.


The features of this nasal pillow CPAP mask are the ones listed right below:

  • Bella Loops Allow For Extreme Comfort On The Ears
  • Short Tube Allows For Simple Transitions Without Having The Mask Pulled Off
  • Three Pillow Cushion Sizes Included For Individualized Patient Comfort
  • Great For Many Different Sleeping Positions
  • Easy To Clean and Easy To Put Back Together Due To Minimal Pieces
  • Quiet Air Vents Allow For a Peaceful Night of Sleep

These features provide only the best in sleep apnea therapy treatment technology.

ResMed Swift FX Review Summary

The ResMed Swift FX nasal pillow CPAP mask is specifically designed to offer comfort during sleep, an easy to use and clean mask, a quiet night of sleep and so much more. If you want a sleep apnea machine mask that will be great for your treatments this is the choice for you.

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