ResMed Mirage Liberty – A Hybrid Sleep Apnea Mask

ResMed Mirage Liberty

ResMed Mirage Liberty

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ResMed Mirage Liberty Review

The ResMed Mirage Liberty is a full face mask that is a hybrid type. This mask allows for great comfort and allows the sleep apnea patient to feel much freer than they have with all other masks that are available. While wearing this full face mask the patients can watch television, read a book or have a conversation while not feeling trapped by their sleep apnea machine mask. Click here to see which are the best CPAP masks on the market today. If you happen to be a side sleeper, check out my article on the best masks for side sleepers. And discomfort is your top priority, I have an article on the top most comfortable masks in my opinion.

Size/Materials Used/Durability

This full face mask is a very lightweight and great sized mask for a sleep apnea machine. The short tube length not counting the swivel and cuffs is about seven inches in length. The frame, the elbow and the valve clip are made from polycarbonate. The ports cap, the cushion, the pillows and the valve are made from silicone elastomer. The short tube material tube is made from polyolefin plastomer. The short tube material cuff is made from SEBS based thermoplastic elastomer. The swivel assembly is made from polycarbonate and polypropylene. The headgear foam layer is made from open cell polyurethane. The headgear loop and the headgear underside fabric are made from nylon and spandex. The fastener tabs are made from polycaproloctam. The cloth label is made from rayon acetate satin. The upper headgear clip is made from nylon. Finally, the lower headgear clip is made from polyester. This is a very highly rated mask and it is very durable as well.


This full face mask is very comfortable and offers a great feel when used during sleep apnea treatments. The materials used to make this machine were specifically chosen to provide the sleep apnea patients the most comfort. In addition, the pressure from the air flow is nowhere near as strong as many of the other sleep apnea machine masks which make this machine easier to breathe from than those other masks.


Every sleep apnea machine mask has its own specifications. The specifications of this full face mask:

  • Comes With Mask and Headgear
  • Selected Size For Mouth Cushion (1 of Them)
  • Nasal Pillows (3 Pairs of Them in Small, Medium and Large)
  • Hybrid Mask Type
  • Has a Replaceable Cushion
  • Has Headgear Clips
  • Silicone Mask Cushion
  • Can Choose From Multiple Sizes
  • Great For Active Sleepers and Mouth Breathers
  • Great For Watching Television

These are some highly rated specifications for this full face mask.


The features of this full face mask provide much comfort for the user of the mask. These features are:

  • Dual Wall Cushion and Pillows For Extreme Comfort
  • No Contact on the Forehead and Has No Nasal Bridge
  • Has Supportive Headgear
  • Has Custom Air Vents
  • Has a Quick Release Elbow
  • Uniquely Designed Headgear
  • Lightweight Design
  • Great Field of Vision
  • Replacement Parts Are Available

The features of this full face mask allow the sleep apnea patients to get the type of sleep that they deserve on a regular basis.

ResMed Mirage Liberty Summary

The ResMed Mirage Liberty full face mask offers the sleep apnea patients durability, comfort and an easy to use mask. This allows them to have a much better experience throughout their entire sleep apnea therapy treatments. If you would like a mask that will work well for you, try it out today. This is a decent mask but overall I do have masks that I personally prefer more. Check out my article on the best CPAP masks to see which ones are my favorite..

You may also find my article about the most comfortable CPAP mask and best CPAP mask for side sleepers helpful as well. No matter which mask you choose to go with, make sure to pick up some additional tubes as well as tube cleaners. These masks and the tubing that they come with it a very disgusting very quickly.

some of the articles that you may find helpful are my article on the best CPAP machines, BiPAP versus CPAP machines as well as additional supplies that you may need to make your sleep apnea experience top-of-the-line. I hope this article was helpful for you guys. Rest well!

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