REMstar Plus C-Flex w/ SD Card & Humidifier review

REMstar Plus

REMstar Plus C-Flex W/ SD Card & Humidifier

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This product has been discontinued and is no longer for sale.
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Introduction to the REMstar Plus C-Flex with SD Card and Humidifier

The REMstar Plus C-Flex with SD Card and Humidifier is a top of the line CPAP Machine. This machine offers humidification that integrates the machine with best user experience. The SD Card also offers compliance reporting with controls that are lighted. This display is very easy to read and understand and the C-Flex feature is comfortable as well. The device and case of this CPAP Machine is small and the machine also has controls that are simple to use. This CPAP machine is a convenient option for any travel CPAP machine. Some other articles that you guys might find helpful are: my best CPAP machine article and my best BiPAP machine article. You should also check out CPAP versus BiPAP in case you do not know the difference between the two.

Size and Weight

The size of the this machine is convenient at a size of 9.45″ x 6.69″ x 4.72″. However, the carrying case for the machine is often said to be too small for most users expectations. The weight of this CPAP machine is 3.96 pounds which is a great weight for a machine that is used for sleep apnea and this weight allows for easy transportation.

Ease of Use

This model is easy to use and if a user has any concerns they can easily find the answers and solutions in the provided user manual. The lights allow for the display to be seen easily. In addition, the controls are easy to follow and easy to learn how to use as well. The comfortable feeling received by this CPAP machine is just one other reason why the users of the machine feel that it is easy to use.


The specifications of this model are great for most users. The specifications of the machine are the ones mentioned below:

  • Hose that is 6 Feet Long
  • Small Carrying Case
  • Filter that is White and Disposable (1 of them)
  • Foam Filters that are Reusable (2 of them)
  • User Manuals
  • Power Supply Cord

The specifications of this CPAP Machine don’t have many complaints except for maybe the length of the hose could be a bit longer and the carrying case could be a bit larger. Otherwise these specifications meet most of the users CPAP machine expectations.


A CPAP machine needs to have user friendly features and this model has just the right features which include:

  • A Manual Adjustment of Altitude Compensation
  • Power Supply that Works Internationally for 100 to 240 AC Currents (Might Need Wall Adapter for Outside the United States)
  • 2 Reusable Pollen Filters that are Washable
  • 1 Filter that is Ultra-Fine

The features provided by this model are user friendly, provide for a comfortable sleeping experienced and much more.

REMstar Plus C-Flex Summary

All CPAP machines should be comfortable for the user of the machine. They should also have minimal cons and many pros of the machine. Overall a CPAP Machine should try to reach the most beneficial user experience and this REMstar Plus C-Flex CPAP Machine offers all of these benefits. Click here to find out how this CPAP machine stacks up against the best CPAP machines in the market today. This is one of the top rated CPAP Machines available to sleep apnea patients and others who have respiratory type illnesses. This is a decent CPAP machine overall but it is definitely not one of my top favorite machines. Check out my article on the best CPAP machines in order to find out what ones I think are the best. If you do decide to go with the REMstar plus, You should consider getting a battery pack with it so they can be even better as a portable CPAP machine. No matter which CPAP machine you decide to go with, I recommend getting a machine cleaner so that the whole experience can be much more sanitary!

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Editors' Rating

This product has been discontinued and is no longer for sale.
Still looking for a new CPAP machine? Please refer to our Best CPAP Machines article which has an up to date list of the best CPAP machines.