CPAP Machine Cost: What to Expect?

How Much is a CPAP Machine?

The CPAP machine cost can vary greatly depending on the type of CPAP machine that you are prescribed or choose to get and the features of the CPAP machine that you get. When it comes to the cost of a CPAP machine you should make sure that you are getting what you are asking for. Just because one CPAP machine is cheaper in cost does not mean that it will be better for you. Sometimes the more inexpensive a product is, the less it will be able to treat your symptoms. Even if it does treat your symptoms, oftentimes if you want an even greater experience, the higher costing CPAP machines will help you more in the long run as well.

Why are the higher costing CPAP machines better than the more inexpensive ones?

When you have been prescribed a CPAP machine you may first be thinking about the cost, when actually you should be thinking about how it will help you to treat your sleep apnea or other sleep disorder the best. A cheaper CPAP machine may have to:

  • Be replaced more often
  • Have to be taken in for adjustments more often
  • Cost you more money because it is replaced more often

While the more inexpensive CPAP machines have the above consequences, there are some more productive consequences of the higher costing CPAP machines. Those are the following:

  • Will need to be replaced less often
  • Cost you less money because it is replaced less often
  • Allow you with much better features than the more inexpensive ones
  • More than likely be more comfortable for you during your sleep treatments
  • Offer you with better data recording to track your sleep progress

As you can see there are many more benefits and better benefits of the higher costing CPAP machines than the more inexpensive ones.

How much does a CPAP machine cost?

Generally a CPAP machine will cost anywhere between $250.00 and over $1,000. While this is a big price gap, there is a reason for this. The price of a CPAP machine varies based on how many disorders it can be prescribed for, the amount of features that it has, how well the features work for the patients, how comfortable they may be, how long they last and how well they work. All of these factors represent the different changes in the CPAP machine cost range. The better all of these things are the higher costing the CPAP machine will be.

Why should you opt for a higher costing CPAP machine?

Many patients think about money first when they are told they need a CPAP machine prescribed for their sleep apnea or sleep disorder. While this is completely understandable there are reasons why you may want to opt for a higher costing CPAP machine. Some of these reasons include:

  • The machine will last longer
  • The machine will more than likely offer you a better sleeping experience
  • The machine will be more durable
  • The machine will allow you more features that will benefit you and your sleep apnea or other sleep disorder treatment
  • Will allow your overall health to be much better

The cost of a CPAP machine should not be the only concern. While this is a factor, you first concern should your health and getting the best machine to benefit you as a person and a patient! Click here to find out which are the best CPAP machines/BiPAP machines on the market today and weather a BiPAP or CPAP is best for you.

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