Most Comfortable CPAP Masks

If you are in a hurry and just want to find out what is the most comfortable CPAP mask then I’d recommend the ResMed AirTouch F20 as the most comfortable full face mask, the ResMed AirFit P10 as the most comfortable nasal pillow mask, the ResMed Mirage FX  as the most comfortable nasal mask and the ResMed Mirage Liberty Hybrid Mask as the most comfortable hybrid mask.

The perfect CPAP Machine is vital when treating your sleep apnea.  But only if you pair it with your perfect CPAP mask. For a lot of people, the number one consideration is going to be the comfort, which is why we have created our guide of the most comfortable CPAP masks.

Here are the most comfortable CPAP masks we’ll be reviewing:

If you have been diagnosed with sleep apnea, you are going to want to get it treated. Probably for your sake and for the sake of a bed partner you may have. Chronic fatigue can result in a wide range of problems, either now or later in life. Heart failure, obesity, strokes and the injuries caused by simply being too tired to handle all that life throws at you. Plus you don’t want to spend every day just feeling tired like you are running on empty. You may be prescribed CPAP treatment, using a home CPAP machine and for a lot of people the idea of this can seem a little daunting. However, it really doesn’t need to be. We know of many people who were so uncomfortable with the idea of wearing a mask to sleep in. But because they followed our advice on the most comfortable CPAP masks they now give it about as much thought as brushing their teeth before bed.


CPAP Mask Types

What types of mask are going to feature on the list for the most comfortable CPAP masks?  Well, all three; full-face, nasal pillow and nasal mask.

Full face

Don’t be put off by the name.  It doesn’t literally cover your full face like a hockey goalie.   But it does cover your mouth and nose.  This means you’re more likely to receive incredible levels of treatment.  It does not mean you have to sacrifice comfort though.

Nasal pillow

These insert two prongs into the nose, cushioned my two nasal pillows and leaving the mouth uncovered.  If your feeling of discomfort stems from a sensation of claustrophobia rather than being physically uncomfortable, this may be the mask to look at.  Also the preferred option for people with facial hair.

Nasal mask

These just cover your nose and your treatment is administered that way.  In terms of comfort, these are often a great choice as they generally offer a larger amount of freedom of movement as you sleep. A great choice if you are a side sleeper.

Hybrid mask

There is also hybrid masks that cover the mouth but use pillows to create a seal within the nose. These types of mask are used to address specific issues such as having problems with chaffing or irritation on the bridge of the nose or inner cheek.

Your preference of mask for a good night of sleep is going to be as specific to you as the mattress you’ve bought and the type of pillow you favor but our guide to the most comfortable CPAP masks will point you in the right direction and assist you in having your CPAP treatment be just another factor in a great nights sleep and not some horrible annoyance.


The 4 Most Comfortable CPAP Masks


1. ResMed AirTouch F20 (Most Comfortable Full Face Mask)

This mask also featured on our overall Best CPAP Masks. It is not only a comfortable mask, it is an all-around brilliant CPAP mask.

ResMed AirTouch F20

What we like:


It won’t forget you

The AirTouch features UltraSoft memory foam.  And they’re not kidding when they say it’s soft!  The memory foam means it will mold to your face’s shape so your CPAP mask becomes as comfortable as your spot on the couch thanks to day-after-day usage.


The frame is soft and pliable.  So not only do you never need to rest your head against a rigid structure, you also have a frame that will adapt itself to your face and head.  When looking for a comfortable mask, this type of thing is vital.

On and off in no time

The mask can be disconnected without needing to remove the tubing.  The quick release elbow means you can get up and down in the night without it being a mission to disconnect and then reconnect.

Comfort for her

The AirTouch F20 has a ‘for her’ mask.  This is designed to give all the features of the mask but for smaller facial features. It also comes with the color option of lavender, if that is something which checks your boxes.


What we don’t like:


Too big for some

The full-face mask offers incredible levels of treatment.  But for some, they can feel a bit big and smothering.  That’s something which the AirTouch could be accused of.  However, we feel that every effort has been successfully made to ensure comfort levels are incredibly high.  So you may have a full-face mask on but it will be as comfortable as your pajamas.


Not just a good mask in terms of comfort.  It is a great mask overall.  A full-face mask on our guide to the most comfortable CPAP masks, made by an industry leader.

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2. ResMed AirFit P10 (Most Comfortable Nasal Pillow Mask)

If you’ve settled on a nasal pillow mask to compliment your CPAP treatment you are going to find some very comfortable masks out there. For this guide to the most comfortable CPAP masks, we favor the ResMed AirFir P10.

AirFit P10 Nasal Pillow CPAP Mask

What we like:



Light, slimline and compact, the P10 has a frame shape that can’t really be rivaled for comfort. With barely any material holding your tubing in place, you’ll find this mask to be one of the most unrestrictive and comfortable masks on the market.


Despite its less robust structure, it tests very well.  The P10 rates well in durability and reliance.


Comfort with a mask is not only physical.  It can also be the atmosphere it creates in your bed. Thankfully, with the P10’s ‘advanced air diffusion’ noise issues won’t be an issue.  Some masks can make you sound like a deep sea diver sucking away on his regulator.  For both you and anyone you share a bed with, this is great news for a long peaceful night of sleep.


What we don’t like:


Compliance compromise

If you venture away from the full-face masks, there is the risk of slightly reduced compliance.  In a nutshell, that means less of what your CPAP machine is doing actually being administered to you as the patient.  However, RedMed knows what they are doing.  They manage to maintain their incredibly high standards whilst you get all the comfort benefits.


As CPAP masks go, you’ll struggle to find one much more comfortable.  A deserving mask on our list of the most comfortable CPAP masks.  Plus you’ve got the added comfort of knowing you have invested in one of the best brands in the market.

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3. ResMed Mirage FX (Most Comfortable Nasal Mask)

On a list of the most comfortable CPAP masks, this had to feature.  So light, so simple, and so very good at its job.  Hence the name ‘mirage’; it’s going to feel like you are imagining it being on your face.

ResMed Mirage FX nasal CPAP mask

What we like…


Lighter than light, softer than soft

The frame is one of the lightest you could hope to find. Not only is it light, it is also incredibly soft. When was the last time you were aware of wearing socks?  Well, that’s the same type of thing here!  Users report literally forgetting they are wearing it at all.  The mask is soft and cushioned, and incredibly flexible.  It’s fair to say that having a hard bit of plastic pressed up against the side of your head wouldn’t help with a relaxing night of sleep.  And the ResMed Mirage simply doesn’t let that happen with its brilliant use of material.


With such a quality product, we’re not clear on how ResMed can get away with charging so little.  We’re not complaining, we’re just surprised!


This mask is only made up of four parts.  So assembling and cleaning is effortless.  Its quick release elbow allows you to detach from the tubing easily without needing to remove everything.  That 4 am pee is still going to get on your nerves, but it’s not going to be because of your CPAP mask.

Clear views

Its comfortable shape and design don’t just help how good it feels to sleep in.  They also help your vision.  Completely unobstructed, you are free to read, watch TV, get on your phone, do dome sewing, solve a puzzle, enter a staring contest or film a commercial for mascara.  Most of that you probably won’t be doing as you wind down for the viewing but you could if you wanted!


What we don’t like…


Quiet, not silent

It’s not loud by any means, which is because it’s made by ResMed and they are very good at noise diffusion.  But if you need a nasal mask because your treatment utilizes higher pressures, this mask won’t be as silent as some others.  But we repeat, it’s still not loud!


Probably one of the most comfortable things you’ll ever have put on your face.  A quality mask from one of the big names in the industry (at a price we can’t quite believe!)

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4. ResMed Mirage Liberty (Most Comfortable Hybrid Mask)

We couldn’t put together a list of the most comfortable CPAP masks and not include this.  But is it a full-face?  Nasal?  Nasal pillow?  Well, it’s kind of a hybrid.  And a very comfortable hybrid at that.

ResMed Mirage Liberty Hybrid CPAP Mask

What we like…



The Mirage has trampoline action nasal pillows.  Meaning each nasal prong moves independently from the other.  So you’re less likely to get one squashed up when you’re laid in a certain position.  It also means a very effective seal which is less likely to be breached.

No chin strap

This is where you get the benefits of the hybrid mask. The Mirage as a dual wall mouth cushion, meaning a comfortable and effective seal but no chin strap required.  Again, adding to the comfort.

Compliance v size

This is often the compromise CPAP patients have to weigh up. Do you want to receive the full impact of your machine or do you not want to potentially feel smothered by a full-face mask.  We love this halfway between the two.

No night movement

You might move around in the night but your CPAP mask won’t. The head straps are stabilized so you won’t feel any give or sliding around.  The last thing you want is to get yourself comfortable to then notice something isn’t quite in the right place and is going to bug you.


Its minimalist design doesn’t just help the comfort. It also makes it a lot easier to take apart for cleaning and transportation.


What we don’t like…


Elbow issues

Some users report a few issues with the elbow joint being a bit flimsy. Although this is not echoed by everyone, so we can only assume they are just particularly active in their sleep!


A very clever design giving the best of a few different worlds in CPAP treatment.  Brought to you buy one of the biggest names in the industry, you have here a very comfortable and very clever CPAP mask.

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These 4 masks are our recommendation for the most comfortable CPAP mask.  When it comes to comfort, there are a few things to consider.  Comfort doesn’t mean the same things to everyone; it is unique to you as an individual.  Make sure you’ve read our sleep apnea guide as this might flag up some things which you perhaps hadn’t considered until now.  Plus of course we would love to offer you our expert advice, so be sure to write us in the comments below!