Introduction to the Fisher & Paykel ICON Auto CPAP Machine

The Fisher & Paykel ICON Auto CPAP Machine is a very efficient machine for those with sleep apnea or respiratory issues. This CPAP machine has a built-in humidifier and a ThermoSmart heated hose. It provides amazing comfort for all users and is truly a treatment system for individual CPAP machine users. This model?is an improvement to many earlier forms of this brand of CPAP machines. If you are new to sleep apnea and CPAP machines, I have some great articles and resources for you to check out. Make sure to check out my article on the best CPAP machines, BiPAP machines as well as the differences between the two so that you can pick the best option!

Summary of Pros and Cons


  • Very quiet machine
  • Great pressure features
  • Very easy to use
  • Has an alarm


  • Relatively heavier weight machine than?others
  • The alarm bothers some users
  • Hose placement is different than other machines
  • Faster water consumption

Size and Weight

This CPAP Machine has an efficient size of 6.3 x 6.7 x 8.7 in (160 x 170 x 220 mm). While the size is efficient, many users aren?t satisfied with the weight of this machine which is 4.8 pounds and is packaged at 8.7 pounds. While this is not the heaviest CPAP machine out there, the weight could be a bit lighter to provide complete customer satisfaction in this category.

Ease of Use

This model is very easy to use and the guide provides an easy to read format for all users. The manuals provide detailed instructions on how to manage the entire machine down to turning it on and up to reading the data stored on the SD card.


This model has many great specifications which most of the users of the machine enjoy. The specifications worth mentioning are the following:

  • ICON Auto CPAP Machine (Click here to see how auto CPAPs differ from traditional CPAP machines)
  • Chamber to Hold the Water
  • Filters that are Disposable (2 of them)
  • Complete Manuals
  • Carrying Case that is Soft for User Comfort
  • Power Supply Cord
  • Smart Stick Card (Data Storage)
  • Pressure Range of 4-20 cm H20 in increments of .5
  • Performance Pressure Range of 4-20 cm H20
  • Noise Level of less than 29 dBA
  • Water Chamber Volume of 420 ml
  • 365 Sessions of Summary Data and Detailed Data of 400 hours

The specifications of this CPAP Machine provide a great user experience for individuals with sleep apnea. These specifications aren?t available on all machines needed for sleep apnea.


The CPAP Machine has many brilliant features for sleep apnea patients and respiratory illnesses including:

  • Built-In Humidifier
  • ThermoSmart Heated Hose
  • Algorithm (Auto)
  • Pressure Relief Technology called SensAwake
  • A Smart Dial for Sleep Functions and Data Control
  • Alarm Tunes and Alarm Clock
  • Ramp Feature
  • Adjustment for Auto Altitude
  • Size Convenient for Travel

Each one of these features allows this model?to be among one of the top CPAP machines rated by users. Not only are these features many but they are the best as well.


This model has many great specifications and features. There are not many complaints about this machine except that it may empty too fast and it may weigh more than some other CPAP machines. Generally speaking this CPAP machine is very convenient for those who have sleep apnea or respiratory issues in which require a machine for breathing safely.

Overall I think that this machine is a great CPAP machine, but there are a lot of?others that can compete. My top two favorite CPAP machines right now are the Dreamstation and the REMstar auto. Both of these are on the list of?the best CPAP machines on the market today. You can check out my personal review of the REMstar auto here or check out multiple reviews from current users of this machine. No matter which CPAP machine you decide to go with, make sure to pick up a machine cleaner like this one so that you can save yourself a messy headache in the future.

If you are curious about CPAP masks, check out my articles on my favorite masks, great masks for side sleepers as well as some of the most comfortable masks on the market today. I hope this article was helpful for you overall. Sleep wonderfully!