CPAP Machine Side Effects and what you can do about them!

CPAP Machine Side Effects

When someone is diagnosed with sleep apnea or other sleep disorders they feel like they are losing some of their freedom, something they deserve to have which is enough sleep for them. Sleep apnea takes millions of hours of sleep from many, many people all around the world. When a sleep apnea patient is diagnosed with the disorder their doctor will prescribe them with some sort of treatment to help them get the sleep they need, generally this treatment is a CPAP machine. There are other types of machines prescribed as well but usually these are not prescribed unless a CPAP machine will not work. Once prescribed with a sleep apnea machine, the patient feels like they will finally get the sleep they have been hoping for and these machines do work. They do allow patients to sleep much more comfortably. However, just as with all other treatments for many different disorders and diseases, there are CPAP machine side effects.

What are the side effects?

CPAP machines have been proven to work very well for treating sleep apnea and other sleep disorders. These machines can increase your energy, allow to you live more happily, have better sleep and so much more. However, these machines do have some side effects that the patients may or may not experience. The side effects that you may experience when using your prescribed CPAP machine may include:

  1. Irritation of the nose
  2. Congestion of Nasal Passageways
  3. Headaches
  4. Bloating

While these are not major side effects they can really irritate a sleep apnea patient. The good thing is that there are usually ways to turn these side effects around so that they no longer occur. Click here for more information on side effects of CPAPs

How can you treat the side effects that may occur from CPAP machines?

Sometimes people do experience side effects from CPAP machines but if you are one of these people you can treat the side effects. Follow these tips to treat your side effects.

For nose irritation:

  1. Get a heated humidifier for your room or for the machine to help treat this side effect.
  2. Get an insulating hose if there is too much humidification. My favorite one is here on Amazon
  3. Get a nose lubricant to clear up the irritation. Great the most highly rated one here on Amazon
  4. Get a nasal mask liners to help as well. Get some of the best mask liners here on Amazon

Fornasal passage congestion:

  1. A heated humidifier can help treat this side effect too.
  2. A nose lubricant is another option.


  1. Heated humidifiers can help to open your passageways. More narrow passageways can cause a headache, these can fix that.

For bloating:

  1. Lower the pressure on the machine if possible.

These are just a couple of options. There is always a way to fix the CPAP machine side effect that you may be having. Follow the above tips as a great start of achieving the best sleep apnea treatment possible! Another great resource for side effects of CPAP machines is the National Sleep Foundation.