Best Memory Foam Mattress – SnoringABC’s Official guide!

Hey everyone and welcome to my guide on how to choose the best memory foam mattress for you. This is a very long article because it covers everything related to memory foam mattresses. If you want to jump ahead to the section that interests you the most you could use the table of contents that is located right below this paragraph. Over the past 10 years approximately, memory foam mattresses have been getting extremely popular compared to their overpriced and under performing spring mattresses that cost and arm and a leg. The overall satisfaction rating from users of memory foam mattresses is the highest in the mattress industry. And this quality and comfort comes at a reasonable price point, ranging from $200 to about $1000.

memory foam molding to the shape of a hand

In this article you’ll learn what a memory foam mattress is, how long your memory foam mattress will last, how to choose the right memory foam mattress for you, how much memory foam mattresses cost, the benefits of using memory foam mattress as well as some reviews of my favorite memory foam mattresses. Switching to a memory foam mattress about five years ago completely changed my life. We spend approximately 1/3 of our entire lives sleeping, and investing in a quality mattress as well as finding what fits you best, is one of the most important things to your overall health. Out of all mattress types, memory foam mattresses have the highest overall satisfaction rating with 81% of people being satisfied with their mattress according to sleep like the dead! Let’s get started so you can find the best memory foam mattress for you!

Best Memory Foam Mattresses

Just in case you don’t have time to read my entire guide on all the benefits that memory foam mattresses offer here are the Top 3 mattresses which are conveniently all on Amazon Prime so you can get it delivered to your door in 2 days free!

#1 – Classic Brands Cool Gel Ultimate Gel Memory Foam 14-Inch Mattress

#2 – Zinus Memory Foam 12 Inch Green Tea Mattress

#3 – Signature Sleep Memoir 12 Inch Memory Foam Mattress

What is memory foam?

What is memory foam Memory foam is a material that is primarily made from polyurethane with some additional chemicals mixed in in order to increase the overall density of the foam. Memory foam is very good at molding to the shape that is applying pressure to it. Once the pressure is released, it will return back to its natural shape after a period of time. Regular polyurethane is not temperature or weight sensitive. The additional chemicals that are added create the ability to make memory from what it is. Another name for memory foam is “viscoelastic polyurethane” or low resilience polyurethane foam. Memory foam was first created in 1960. It was developed by NASA and was supposed to be used for seats of airplanes. Today, memory foam is used in a wide variety of products including mattresses. We are essentially sleeping on mattresses that were made for astronauts! I bet that the best memory foam mattress currently available is somewhere in outer space!

What is Memory foam: It is temperature sensitive!

memory foam reacts to body heatMemory foam is denser in colder temperatures and softer in hotter temperatures. The recent memory foam works so well in conjunction with a human being is because the body heat produced by a person will help soft in the material so that it can mold around your body. This is why it usually feels like you are melting into the mattress the first time that you use it. Higher density foams are typically more than temperature sensitive than lower density foams. Lower density foams usually react less to body temperature and have a consistent firmness to them. Personally, the best memory foam mattress for me is one that does not retain a lot of heat because I sleep hot.

What is Memory foam: It is weight sensitive!

memory foam is weight sensitiveJust like above, higher density foams are typically more weight sensitive than lower density foams. The When you lay on a memory foam mattress, the cells of the memory foam spread the pressure of the air to the surrounding cells around them. This allows the mattress to conform well to one’s body type. This also reduces pressure points by spreading the weight out evenly. Heavier people will sink in further compared to later people. If you are under 110 pounds, you will not see as many benefits from a memory foam mattress compared to heavier people. The weight conundrum applies across all foam densities for mattresses but is especially true for higher density foam. This is the best memory foam mattress qualities for heavy individual of people that have joint pain.

What is a memory foam mattress?

A typical memory foam mattress will consist of two or three different layers of foam. The top layer is the only layer that your body will physically touch. This is made of the memory foam that I discussed above that has heat and weight sensitive properties. The second layer is what is called the support layer. This is a more rigid type of foam so that the mattress can maintain a consistent shape. It does have some give but not nearly as much is the top layer. A good amount of memory foam mattresses only have two layers but for the ones that have three, the last layer is called the base layer. It is by far the thickest and most dense layer. All mattress manufacturers very slightly in their thicknesses, density is and how many layers they have but in general, this is what a memory foam mattresses made of.

what is a memory foam mattress

Types of foam that that are used for memory foam mattresses

There are three general foam types that are used for memory foam mattresses. The three foam types are: viscoelastic, gel infused and plant-based foam. Let me talk about the pros and the cons of each three of these foam types real fast.

Types of Memory Foam: Viscoelastic foam

This was the very first type of memory foam that was used for memory foam mattresses back in 1992. There are multiple names for this type of memory foam including: petroleum-based, traditional polyurethane or some people even call a tempurpedic because they were the first one to use this technology. This viscoelastic memory foam is great because it is extremely silent, soft on the joints and is great for motion isolation. Although this material was very expensive to produce a first, it has become very inexpensive over the last 20 years. You can get a good memory foam bed is made of viscoelastic foam for this cheapest $200. Although this type of foam is what revolutionized the memory foam mattress industry, newer alternatives have started to become popular. Some problems with viscoelastic foam are, they release a chemical gas, they retained a lot of heat and have slower than optimal response times. If you sleep hot, viscoelastic foam might not be the best choice for you because it retains a lot of heat. The smell that is released from viscoelastic foam mattresses is called off-gassing. This is by far the biggest complaint with viscoelastic foam mattresses. This smell can last up to a few weeks. This is still regarded as the best memory foam mattress material for overall comfort.

Types of Memory Foam: Gel Infused foam

Out of all of the three types that I am talking about, this gel infused foam is the newest installment in memory foam mattresses. It is very similar to the viscoelastic foam that I mentioned above, except there are millions of tiny little gel beads that are inserted into the material. The whole point of inserting these little gel beads is so that the mattress does not run ass hot. Since they do not retain as much heat, the response times increase and makes it easier to move around while sleeping while also remaining cool. This technology has become extremely popular, extremely fast, making it very available and affordable for the average consumer. The biggest complaints with gel infused foam mattresses is the same as the viscoelastic foam. There is an off-gassing. Typically this smell does not last as long as viscoelastic foam and should only last a few days. This is the best memory foam mattress material for me because I sleep really hot!

Types of Memory Foam: Gel Infused foam

Types of Memory Foam: Natural/plant based foam

Another name for these natural mattresses are: eco-friendly mattresses. Just like the gel infused foam mattresses became popular very quickly, these natural mattresses are getting extremely popular as well. I cannot call these mattresses 100% natural. They just take a portion of the petroleum or gel substances and replace them with plant-based substances. Manufacturers Will Use Aloe Vera, bamboo or soy based products and their mattresses. The good thing about these eco-friendly mattresses are: they are superior when it comes to the dissipation of heat, joint support motion isolation and have much less off-gassing compared to the other two phones. And obviously they are much more eco-friendly. Health-conscious individuals will be happy to know that they are much better for individuals that have sensitive skin issues and allergies. They are eco-friendly because of the way they are manufactured. They are advertised as having zero emissions as well as zero volatile organic compounds. The best part is that there is virtually zero smell that is given off during the initial phases of owning the mattress. The only downfall to this natural memory foam is that it cost much more than the two memory foams mentioned above. Similar to walking into a health food store, purchasing everything organic is simply much more expensive. This is the best memory foam mattress material for people with allergies.

Types of Memory Foam: Natural/plant based foam

Now when somebody asks you “what is a memory foam mattress?” You will be able to answer them in depth. Overall these are the three general types of foam that manufacturers use to make their memory foam mattresses.

Benefits of a memory foam mattress

A lot of these benefits were mentioned above but I’m going to go a little bit more in depth on the top four reasons that people purchase memory foam mattresses.

Relief from joint pain while sleeping

Because memory foam mattresses actively react to your body heat as well as the pressure your body weight places on it, it evenly distributes your body weight. This is great for people with any type of joint pain or for people that are physically active such as weightlifters or athletes. Because the weight is evenly distributed across your joints, you will notice that you wake up with much less pain compared to a typical spring mattress. This is the number one reason why I personally switched over to a memory foam mattress. This was one of the biggest benefits of a memory foam mattress for me personally. This is the best memory foam mattress benefit for me because I get achy joints from working out.

Benefits of a memory foam mattress

The Mattresses Support is Temperature Controlled

When your body temperature increases, the memory foam will become even softer in order to provide a good night sleep. For individuals that sleep cold, this is a perfect match for you because the memory foam maintains a good amount of heat and will help keep you warm at night. One of the biggest benefits of a memory foam mattress is that it will keep you warm during those cold winter nights.

One of the Best Memory Foam Mattresse benefits: Help with Allergies

When compared to a typical spring mattress, the memory foams composition help ward off allergens from accumulating in them over time. Typical mattresses can gather up to 10 million dust mites just after a few years of using the mattress. The polyurethane foam that is used in memory foam mattresses, help prevent these mites from finding their home in your mattress.

The Best Memory Foam Mattresses help with Allergies

Motion Isolation for sleeping together in peace

One of the biggest benefits of a memory foam mattress is the fact that you will not feel your partner tossing and turning even if they are within inches of you. This is definitely one of the reasons why lots of marriage couples decide on going with a memory foam mattress over other variations. Spring mattresses do nothing in terms of motion isolation. If you’re constantly waking up because your partner likes to dance while they sleep, and memory foam mattress will help you finally get the rest that you need. This is one of the best memory foam mattress benefits!

How long does a memory foam mattress last?

No matter what type of mattress you end up buying, one of the most important questions before you invest your money, is how long will the mattress last? Just like any other type of mattress, the quality of the craftsmanship plays a large role in the overall lifespan of the mattress. The average expected lifespan for a memory foam mattress is approximately 10 to 15 years. But it is highly recommended if you want to maintain the best sleep environment possible, to get a new mattress approximately every seven years. Check out the chart below to see the average memory foam mattress longevity.

average memory foam mattress longevity

Although memory foam mattresses are considered “non-turn” mattresses, the memory foam does get fatigued after time. I still recommend that you rotate your mattress every six months or so that you can even out any indentations caused by your body weight over time.

Clock on a table

How long your memory foam mattress will last also depends on how well you take care of it. One of the biggest problems with memory foam mattresses is that they absorb liquids extremely easily. If you happen to spill a cup of water on it on accident, do your best to soak it up as fast as you can. It is extremely difficult to get a liquid out of your memory foam mattress. You can also take an extra precaution and purchase a waterproof mattress protector. Mold and mildew growth due to liquids is one of the biggest reasons why memory foam mattresses do not last longer.

The quality of the foam can affect how long the memory foam mattress lasts

The quality of the memory foam in your mattress can greatly impact how long the memory foam mattress will last. In general, you should go with one of the best memory foam mattress brands that have lots of quality reviews. I have heard of individuals purchasing memory foam mattresses from unknown brands and being extremely disappointed with the quality and longevity of the mattress. In the overview section later on in this article I will be talking about some of the most quality memory foam mattresses that I have ever tried. Typically memory foam that is manufactured in China is considered of lower quality. Not only in longevity, but the amount of off-gassing is also reported as more.

Check the warranty and guarantees of the mattress

This is another way to tell the approximate quality of the mattress. If a manufacturer offers a Longhorn to time, this usually means that they are confident that the product memory foam mattress warrantywill last that amount of time. A lot of mattresses come with a year warranty as well as a guarantee of up to 10 years at the most.

So to answer your question “how long does a memory foam mattress last?”, It should last at least 10 years and as much as 15 years if you are taking good care of it. The sleep Council still recommends to replace your mattress every seven years or so for optimal sleeping conditions.

How much is a memory foam mattress?

Memory foam mattresses typically run anywhere between $200 and $2000 for the highest end. Some of the factors that affect the overall price of a mattress are: where it was manufactured, the materials used as well as the size of the bed. Obviously king-size beds are going to be the most expensive all the way down to twins being the cheapest. Overall I think that there is a sweet spot in terms of the price to quality ratio. I think that around the $500-$800 mark is the sweet spot. Any of the memory foam mattresses that cost more than $1000 have diminishing returns on the quality to price point. You’ll see some of the prices of my favorite memory foam mattresses in the review section down below. It is a little bit more important to spend a few extra dollars on something quality then to get a mattress that does not last very long or that is not very comfortable. It’s hard to put a price point on quality sleep.

How much is a memory foam mattress

How to choose a memory foam mattress?

All right guys we are almost here! This section you will learn what type of memory foam mattress will be best for you. You’ll learn all about the different types of foam densities thicknesses. Then you will learn about testing procedures that are done to ensure the quality of the foam is up to par. And lastly, you will learn about the overall comfort factors of a particular memory foam. This information is taken from a large sample of people due to the fact that comfort is very subjective. If you take the word of one person only, it is hard to find the best memory foam mattress for you!

Let’s learn about memory foam density

Memory foam density is one of the most important things you need to know when considering a memory foam mattress. In general, higher density memory foam mattresses have strong benefits but also have strong negatives. Low density memory foam mattresses are generally even across the board with not too many strong benefits in not too many strong negatives. Higher density foam weighs more than lower density foam. The unit used for density is lbs/ft. This means how much the memory foam weighs per cubic foot. The Let’s learn base layer of your memory foam mattress will have the highest density and the top layer or topper will have the lowest density out of all the layers. More about how to choose a memory foam mattress based on density.

Low density memory foam

Lower density memory foam is memory foam that has a rating of 3 pounds per cubic foot or under. Lower density memory foam is usually what you will get on the lower price range of memory foam mattresses. Because this memory foam is not as dense, you will get them melting feeling that is typically associated with memory foam mattresses. You will sink into the mattress a lot faster. Because the foam is not as dense, it does not retain as much heat which can be good if you sleep hot. Lower density memory foam is also reported to off-gas less than higher density foam. The biggest downfalls of low density memory foam are that they do not last as long as higher density memory foam, motion isolation is not as good and they typically have shorter warranty time periods. The ease of movement with lower density memory foam is the best because they have faster response times.

Medium density memory foam

A medium density memory foam ranges anywhere between four and five pounds per cubic foot. This is probably the most popular density for memory foam mattresses because they average the pros and cons of both high density and low density memory foams. Most people think it is the appropriate ratio of softness and firmness. The price range for this medium density foam is right in the middle.

memory foam density

High density memory foam

High density memory foam is anything that is above 5 pounds per cubic foot. If you find something that is 6 pounds per cubic foot you will have to pay top dollar for this type of mattress. Orthopedic mattresses typically have densities no lower than 6 pounds per cubic foot. These mattresses are typically regarded as the most comfortable memory foam mattresses that are available. This is due to the fact that higher density foams are more temperature sensitive than lower density foams. Because higher density foams react to temperature so well, they conform to your body shape much better while the surrounding memory foam stays stiffer. This also results in better motion isolation if you are sleeping with your partner. Because it conforms to your body shape so well it also is the best for relieving back pain and overall joint pain compared to lower density foams. Some downfalls of higher density foam are the overall price point, they off-gas more and they retain more heat. If you sleep extremely hot you might want to consider a lower density foam. They also have slower response times making movement during the night more difficult compared to lower density foam. On the other hand if you get cold extremely easily during the night, higher density foam would be perfect for you!

Memory foam mattress thickness

Memory foam mattresses come in all sorts of different thicknesses. There is the overall thickness, which is how thick every single layer adaptive. And then there is the thickness for each individual layer. The two main factors that you should be thinking about when considering how thick you want your memory foam mattress to be, is your overall weight and your overall health. Let me go into both of these points a little bit more in depth.

Memory foam mattress thickness

How much you weigh

It is common sense to think that the more a person ways, the more they will sink into the bed. Heavier people generally need more supports from the memory foam mattress that they purchase. When I am talking about a heavy person, I generally mean someone that weighs over 200 pounds. These individuals typically opt for a mattress that is 12 inches thick overall. I also recommend that they get the memory foam topper (the top layer) of at least 3 inches. Individuals that are lighter than 200 pounds should do fine with a memory foam mattress that is 10 inches. If you weigh less than 150 pounds you could even get by with an 8 inch mattress. If you sleep with your significant other, take into consideration his or her weight as well. It is always safe to go thicker rather than thinner when it comes to memory foam mattresses.

Your overall health

If you suffer from multiple aches, pains and joints problems, I recommend going with a thicker as well as denser mattress. This will ensure that you get enough support from your mattress.

Testing procedures and standards

One of the main reasons that I prefer US or European made memory foam is because the majority of the manufacturers meet a certain level of standards. I usually look for a Certipur stamp of approval. Not to say all memory foam is made in China is bad. I have seen plenty of memory foam mattresses that come from China that have this Certipur stamp of approval on it.

Certipur approval

Being Certipur certified means that the phone is produced without ozone the pleasers, contains no PBDE flame retardants, contains no lead, mercury or any other heavy metal, contains no formaldehyde, contains no phthalates and has lower volatile organic compound emissions.

You want to make sure that the material you lay your body on night after night is in no way harming your body either by skin contact or by inhaling. This is one of the most important things when it comes to choosing a memory foam mattress. For the most part I do prefer mattresses to be Certipur approved, but there are some exceptions to this!

Comfort Factors

Comfort factors can be very hard to determine because it is a very subjective thing from one person to another. The best way I could determine whether something is comfortable not is by looking at hundreds and thousands of user reviews to determine which one is it is the overall best. The memory foam mattress reviews that I will be discussing below are not only based on my personal experience, but also from the thousands of Amazon reviewers that were kind enough to other opinion online. I think this is the best way to tell how good a product performs. Getting the input of thousands of individuals. Let’s check out my top six memory foam mattress reviews below so that you could find the best memory foam mattress for you!

Memory foam mattress reviews

All right everyone, to we are finally. For these reviews, I considered all of the factors above when determining what the best memory foam mattress is. Although there are other decent options that you can go with, these are my top six overall. I do not want to make these reviews too long so the bed size I will be reviewing is the queen size mattress for all of these reviews. The queen is the most popular size both for individuals and couples combined. I will also be reviewing for the most part, the 12 inch variation of each of these mattresses. 12 inches is a very safe way to go with and it is also the most popular. Before we get started, let me make a quick note about purchasing memory foam mattresses in 2016. Purchasing mattresses online, specifically Amazon has really revolutionized the mattress industry. No longer do you have to deal with a pesky salesperson, spend thousands of dollars and go through the pain of getting into your house and set up. Memory foam mattresses come rolled up and care sealed in a easy to handle rectangular box. Once you break the air tight seal, it will unfold its self and puff up to its full size in approximately one day. It is really cool process to see! It’s like those little capsules that I had when I was a kid that you would put in water, and it would grow into a sponge dinosaur! It’s hard to believe that a full queen size mattress can be wrapped up in such a tiny container. It will blow your mind! All of these are the best memory foam mattresses for under $1,000 dollars, most of them are actually under $500! All six of these are the best memory foam mattress brands in my opinion and the highest rated foam mattresses on Amazon. Let’s get right into my memory foam mattress reviews!

Dynasty Mattress Review

The dynasty mattress cool breeze 12 inch gel memory foam mattress is one of the top selling memory foam mattresses on Amazon. In there is a good reason why. This is my mattress of choice for individuals that sleep hot!

Dynasty Mattress Review

Dynasty mattress foam layers

I know that I mentioned that the majority of memory foam mattresses either have two or three layers, but the dynasty mattress cool breeze actually has four layers. The actual memory foam layer is a gel infused memory foam that is 3 inches thick. It also contains two “2 inch cool airflow foam”, and a 5 inch high density-base foam layer.

Dynasty mattress density and overall comfort

If you are a person that likes a firm mattresses, you will be in luck with the dynasty memory foam mattress. It is not uncomfortably firm but it is definitely firmer the most memory foam beds. Within a couple weeks you should break in and become softer. With this mattress I can feel myself sinking and once my body heat starts activating the memory foam. It is a cool feeling like I am melting into my bed. Overall, the comfort level is amazing especially after the first three months of breaking it in. Unfortunately I could not find any information on the actual density of the memory foam but I have a pretty good guess it is around 4 pounds per cubic feet. It is a medium firmness mattress.

Dynasty mattress temperature and off-gassing

This is one of the cooler memory foam mattresses that I have ever slept on. I sleep extremely hot compared to most people and are very particular about my memory foam mattresses because they tend to run hotter than other types of mattresses. The gel infused memory foam technology really helps me from getting too hot while they sleep. In terms of off-gassing, for this memory foam mattress was moderate. Every memory foam mattress has some sort of chemical smell that comes from it. The dynasty mattress had a very tolerable smell but it is definitely still knows who. It should go away within a week.

Other information on the Dynasty mattress and conclusion

To gel memory foam pillows are included with the mattress. I thought it was a pretty cool addition also these pillows are nothing special. I personally do not use them, but if you don’t have a pillow, they should work just fine. The dynasty mattress is up to Certipur standards and has a 120 day trial., As well as a 30 year limited warranty. This is a fantastic warranty for the overall price of the mattress. That’s it for my dynasty mattress review, I highly suggest this mattress! Out of all of my memory foam mattress reviews, this is the best memory foam mattress if you generally sleep hot.

Sleep Innovations mattress review

These sleep innovations Shiloh memory foam mattress is one of the best sold mattresses online. On Amazon it has over 3,200 customer reviews with an average rating of 4.4 at the time of this writing. This memory foam mattresses made in the United States. This mattress is available through Amazon prime. This is the mattress of choice for individuals that sleep cold!

Sleep Innovations mattress review

Sleep Innovations mattress foam layers

The sleep innovations memory foam mattress contains two different layers. The top memory foam layer is 2.5 inches thick and is made up of what they call “suretemp memory foam”. The bottom base layer is 9.5 inches thick. Although they called the top layer suretemp, I could not find out if it was gel infused memory foam or not.

Sleep Innovations mattress density and overall comfort

The sleep innovations Shiloh is made up of memory foam that is 3 pounds per cubic meter. This is a moderately firm bed, but most memory foam beds are considered somewhat firm. The 2.5 inches of memory foam is plenty for me and I weigh slightly under 200 pounds. The comfort is amazing and I am able to freely move from position to position because of the lower density foams that uses. I think that if I weighed more than 200 pounds, I would not be as comfortable. I would prefer if they just had a half an inch more, to make it 3 inches for the top memory foam layer.

Sleep Innovations mattress temperature/off-gassing

The sleep innovations has a pretty strong off-gassing compared to other memory foam mattresses. Although the smell is quite strong for a couple days, it quickly goes away in should be fully gone between one and two weeks. This is an extremely comfortable bed but the only problem is that I get slightly hotter using this bed than most memory foam beds. I sleep hotter than most people so this is something to take into consideration. If you sleep relatively cool, this could be a great mattress to warm you up.

Other Information and Conclusion

One important thing to note is that sleep innovations is not Certipur certified. I do not know why this is, maybe it is because they never applied for the certification. This foam is made in the United States and I know for a fact that it is of good quality from personal experience as well as the experience of thousands of other users. They have a very good 20 year warranty on their mattress as well. I have heard people cash in on the warrantee by getting a more than five years after their purchase. This is very good news. Well that’s all I have for my sleep innovations mattress review. Out of all of my memory foam mattress reviews, this is the best memory foam mattress if you sleep cold.

Perfect Cloud Elegance mattress review

This is a relatively new memory foam mattress on the market. The particular model that I am talking about is the perfect cloud elegance gel-pro the mattress. This is a four layered memory foam mattress. This particular model is an Amazon exclusive mattress which means that you could only find it on One of the players is made up of gel foam which in my personal experience definitely helps me sleep cooler. This is overall my top memory foam mattress!

best memory foam mattress

Perfect cloud elegance mattress foam layers

The perfect cloud elegance contains four layers. The first layer is a 1 inch HD air infused memory foam. The second layer is a 1.5 inch air infused memory foam. This third layer is the gel infused Claire. It is 2 inches thick and is composed of their gel-pro memory foam. The remaining 7.5 inches is made of base support foam. I could not figure out the difference between HD air infused foam and regular air infused memory foam.

Perfect cloud elegance mattress density and overall comfort

Because the perfect cloud elegance mattress contains so many layers, it was hard to find the density unit for the top layer of the memory foam. By feeling and from sleeping on the personally I can tell you that it is a mid-density memory foam of approximately 4 pounds per cubic foot. I think the meshing of the layers really adds to the comfort as this is probably the most comfortable memory foam mattress that I have ever tried. It is definitely one of the best mattresses for motion isolation that I have ever slept in. It has the classic melting and feeling like you’re laying on the cloud feeling. Probably more than any other memory foam mattress.

Perfect cloud elegance mattress temperature/off-gassing and conclusion

Because of the 2 inch gel infused memory foam layer, I sleep at a perfect temperature. As I mentioned above I sleep extremely hot so I prefer memory foam mattresses that have some sort of gel infused cooling foam. I was curious as to why the gel infused foam was not on the top layer. In the end it does not matter because my temperature while I sleep on it remains fine. Just like any other memory foam mattress, this memory foam mattress has the new chemical smell. The compared to other memory foams it is very very mild. In fact after the second day I could not notice it at all.

Other Information and Conclusion

This memory foam mattress is Certipur-US certified. It also has one of the coolest looking removable stretch knit coverings out of all the memory foam mattresses that I have seen. This mattress has a 25 year warranty on it which is a great warranty length. Compared to the other memory foam mattresses on this article, this is the most expensive one. And although it is a couple hundred dollars more, I definitely notice the difference. Compared to spring mattresses that you will find in a mattress store, it is still a fraction of the cost. Out of all of my memory foam mattress reviews, this is the best memory foam mattress overall but it is also the most expensive.

Brentwood Mattress Review

Out of all six of the memory foam mattresses that I am talking about in this review section, the Brentwood memory foam mattresses the only one that is not 12 inches thick. They only make their mattresses in increments of odds numbers. They have an 11 inch mattress as well as a 13. Since their 13 inch mattresses their most popular, this is the one I will be talking about in my Brentwood mattress review. This product is made in Los Angeles California and is Amazon prime eligible.

Brentwood Mattress Review

Brentwood mattress foam layers

The layer layout on the Brentwood mattress is one of my favorites out of all of the ones that talk about. The top memory foam layer is made up of gel memory foam that is 3.5 inches thick. The second layer contains a stiffer 2 inch ventilated support foam. And there is also a 7.5 inch therapeutic support base at the very bottom.

Brentwood mattress density and overall comfort

The Brentwood memory foam mattress has a top layer of approximately 3 pounds per cubic feet density. Overall this is a very soft memory foam mattress. Memory foam mattresses in general are known to be more on the firm side. This memory foam mattress is probably medium to medium soft compared to other memory foams out there. If you like soft beds, this would be a good choice for you! I think it is because of the additional half-inch of memory foam on the top layer that makes it so soft as well as a lower overall density. Overall it is a very comfortable bed especially if you like the more on the soft side.

Brentwood mattress temperature/off-gassing

Since I am a person that sleeps relatively hot, this is a great bed for me. The 3.5 inches of gel memory foam definitely help keep me cool. Out of all of the six reviews, this mattress is ranked second in terms of how cool it keeps me during the night. The off-gassing was minimal and was nothing overwhelming like I have experienced with some memory foam mattresses.

Other Information and Conclusion

Just like most reputable memory foam mattress providers, Brentwood is Certipur certified. They also use in all-natural wool sleep surface and use a cover that is made out of bamboo. This 13 inch mattress comes with a 25 year warranty which is pretty incredible for the midrange price. Out of all of my memory foam mattress reviews, this is the best memory foam mattress if you like your beds to be soft.

Zinus Memory foam mattress review

The Zinus memory foam mattress is the only one in my review section that contains some eco-friendly materials. They use some natural plant oil to replace some of the traditional petroleum in the mattress. They also use natural green tea extract to help with maintaining the products freshness. This is a four player memory foam mattress, let’s check it out!

Zinus Memory foam mattress review

Zinus mattress foam layers

The Zinus contains 3 inches of memory foam, 2 inches of comfort foam, 3.5 inches of high density airflow foam as well as 3.5 inches of high density support foam that acts as the base.

Zinus mattress density and overall comfort

The Zinus memory foam mattress has approximately 4 pounds per cubic foot of density for the top memory foam layer. You This mattress is medium firm to firm in my opinion. It is definitely of the firmest mattress out of all of the six that I am reviewing in this article. I personally do not like firm mattresses that much, but it still had no trouble getting great sleep on this mattress. Since a large percentage of people like for mattresses, I decided to include this mattress in my top six.

Zinus mattress temperature/off-gassing

I had no trouble getting a cool night sleep on the Zinus mattress. Compared to lots of other memory foam mattresses, they kept me pretty cool. If you are someone that runs hot, and prefers a firm bed, this is a great option for you. At first I thought that the off-gassing was going to be a problem after first on packaging the product. For the first couple hours the smell was pretty strong. But by the second day it had virtually disappeared. I would rather have one intense day of smell rather than have a lingering smell for multiple weeks.

Other Information and Conclusion

As I mentioned above, this is a relatively firm memory foam mattress. I do like how they use some all-natural products such as plant-based oil in green tea extract in the materials. It is approved by Certipur as well. It does have a 10 year limited warranty which is less than the other mattresses in this article, but it is still a substantial amount of time considering the average lifespan of a mattress is seven years. Out of all of my memory foam mattress reviews, this is the best memory foam mattress if you prefer a firm bed!

Sleep master mattress review

The sleep master memory foam mattresses one of the most popular mattresses on Amazon. It is actually made by Zinus, the same people that I reviewed above. But instead of four layers it only contains three layers of foam. We This is one of the most economical memory foam mattress choices you can make. Let’s get right into my sleep master mattress review!

memory foam mattress reviews

Sleep Master mattress foam layers

The sleep master has 3 inches of memory foam, 3 inches of comfort foam and 6 inches of base foam. This is a very standard design for a memory foam mattress.

Sleep Master mattress density and overall comfort

Just like the Zinus memory foam mattress, the top memory foam layer is made up of a 4 pounds per cubic foot density. It is also a relatively firm mattress but not as firm as the Zinus. I would say it is a medium firm bed. Overall I think the comfort level is just as good as the Zinus and you should expect a fantastic night sleep especially if you are coming from a spring mattress.

Sleep Master mattress temperature/off-gassing and conclusion

I did sleep a little bit hotter on the sleep master compared to the Zinus. I am not completely sure why this is, but if you sleep hot you might want to consider a different bed. The off-gassing that I experienced was minimal, it went away completely after a week.

Other Information and Conclusion

Just like the Zinus memory foam mattress, this contains plant-based oils as well as green tea extract. It is also Certipur certified as well. It has a 10 year warranty which should be plenty of time. Overall this is the best economical option out of all of my six reviews. If you are looking for a medium firm mattress that is extremely comfortable, made from quality foam and has a reasonable price point, this mattresses for you. Out of all of my memory foam mattress reviews, this is definitely the best memory foam mattress for the price! That is the end of my memory foam mattress reviews section, let’s get into the conclusion.

Conclusion on the Best Memory Foam Mattress Ultimate Guide!

Well there you have it folks! You made it to the end of my extremely long guide on the best memory foam mattresses! By now you should know exactly what memory foam is, all of the different types of memory foam that is used in mattresses, the benefits of using a memory foam mattress, how long it will last you and most importantly how to choose the best memory foam mattress for you!

When it comes down to it, there are five main driving factors that should fuel your decision on which one to pick. Those five factors are whether you sleep hot, sleep cold, prefers soft mattresses, prefer firm mattresses or prefer to save the most money but still get an excellent bed. I also have my favorite all-around memory foam mattress that is the best of all of these features. The best all-around mattress that I recommend is the perfect cloud elderly gents mattress. The memory foam mattress reviews section revealed that: the most economical choice is the sleep master mattress. If you sleep hot you should go with the Dynasty memory foam mattress. And if you sleep cold, you should go with the sleep innovations memory foam mattress. The most firm mattress that I reviewed was the Zinus, so if you prefer a stiff bed, this could be the one for you! The softest memory foam mattress that I reviewed was the Brentwood. I hope that I broke down how to choose the right memory foam mattress so that you can choose the one that is perfect for you! Shoot me a comment down below to let me know what you guys thought of my article or if you have any suggestions on what I can add to it! Shopping online for mattresses has never been easier. No longer will receiving and setting up a brand new bed be such a hassle! Until next time guys, have a great night’s sleep!