Best CPAP Masks

If you are in a hurry and just want to find out what is the best CPAP mask then I’d recommend the ResMed Mirage Quattro as the best full face mask, the ResMed Mirage FX as the best nasal mask and the ResMed Airfit P10 as the best nasal pillow mask.

You’ve invested in one of the Best CPAP Machines. To do it justice, and to make your investment worthwhile, you’ll now need one of the Best CPAP Masks too.

At the start, using a CPAP machine could feel a bit weird.  Understandable really; you’ve got a small box humming away at the side of your bed, a long tube flopping around you and a mask on your face.  It doesn’t sound like the recipe for good sleep.  In time though, you will start to feel very relaxed with your CPAP machine and picking the right mask is a massive part of that.

Size, fit and comfort are going to be vital.  So if your treatment is specific, you need to pick a mask from the Best CPAP Masks list that compliments those needs.

Here are the best CPAP masks we’ll be reviewing:

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The 6 Best CPAP Masks

1. ResMed Mirage Quattro (Best Full Face CPAP Mask)

As the name suggests, this is the fourth generation of full face mask made by one of the biggest names in the world of sleep apnea treatment, RedMed.  Four generations of tweaking and development have resulted in a market leading CPAP Mask and one of the first names on our list of Best CPAP Masks of 2020. It fits nearly 100% of users thanks to its MicroFit dial, giving you an almost tailor-made CPAP mask.

best cpap masks ResMed Mirage Quattro best Full Face CPAP Mask

What we like…

  • Unrivalled comfort AND fit; some masks are comfortable.  Some fit well and provide great compliance.  This does both.  That MircoFit dial allows the wearer to adjust the mask with almost surgical accuracy.  It also has their patented Mirage dual-wall cushion technology, meaning a great seal without the need to over-tighten the mask.  A particular bonus is if you move a lot in your sleep; this thing is going nowhere. The vents reduce the chance of you doing a Darth Vader impression through the night and it is also one of the lightest and most slender full face masks that money can buy.
  • Easy; all CPAP masks should have this, but sadly they don’t. Find your preferred fit and clip settings and you don’t ever need to change them.  Many others need to be re-set as they get changed when you take them off of a morning.  Not here.  You find your settings and they stay in place regardless how many times you take it off and put it back on again.
  • It delivers; you’ve bought a great CPAP machine and you want to ensure you get the optimal treatment from it. On all compliance tests, this mask scores very highly, you’ll struggle to find better.  So you can turn out the lights knowing that you are receiving the full benefits of your CPAP treatment thanks to the brilliant RedMed Mirage Quattro.
  • Built to last; you are buying a quality product here.  A few years down the line it is very unlikely that bits start rattling and that straps start fraying.  Consumers regularly comment on this product’s durability.

What we don’t like…

  • The strap; Some prefer a more neutral or subtle color for their CPAP mask.  This comes in a bold blue.  But if that’s the only concern we have for this CPAP mask, you really shouldn’t be too worried either.


The first name on our list of Best CPAP Masks of 2020 and rightly so.  If you lean away from full face masks for comfort or claustrophobia reasons, that doesn’t need to be a concern with the ResMed Mirage Quattro.

2. ResMed Mirage FX (Best Nasal Mask)

The first nasal mask on our list of Best CPAP Masks of 2020, and rightly so.  Light, simple, and very effective.

best cpap masks Resmed mirage fx best nasal cpap mask

What we like…

  • Feather-light the frame is ultra-light and ultra-soft. Users report forgetting you are wearing it, and there is no chance of those mask marks you sometimes get after a night’s sleep in other less quality masks.  The soft cushioned and flexible support makes the mask one of the most comfortable nasal masks you could spend your money on.  Which leads us on to the next point….
  • Price; we’re not sure how ResMed has managed to keep the price so low with such a great product.
  • Simple design; there are only four parts to this mask meaning it’s a breeze to assemble and clean. It also features the useful quick release elbow so you can easily detach from the tubing without the need to remove everything.  It’s still annoying having to get out of bed for the bathroom at 4am, but that’s annoying for anyone.  Your CPAP mask won’t be adding to the problem!
  • Clear views; because of its shape and design, your vision is not obstructed meaning that as you wind down whilst wearing your mask you can still read, watch TV and wear glasses. Not all masks offer that so it is a plus point well worth flagging up because for a lot of patients, it is important for the CPAP treatment to intrude on their life as little as possible

What we don’t like…

  • Silence would be golden; it’s definitely not loud, which is because ResMed knows what they’re doing. But if you’re looking at a nasal mask because your treatment involves some higher pressures, it won’t be as silent as some other mask variations.  Having said that, for a nasal mask you are still looking at one of the quietest on the market.


Top of the range nasal mask that will be one of the most comfortable things you’ve ever worn on your face.

3. ResMed AirFit P10 (Best Nasal Pillow CPAP Mask)

If your research tells you that the nasal pillow mask is going to be the way for you to go, the should be first on your list to take a look at.  Which is why it’s on our list of ResMed AirFit P10 Nasal Pillows System Best CPAP Masks of 2020.

best cpap masks Airfit P10 Best Nasal Pillow Mask

What we like…

  • Free as a bird; if you’re not so keen on a full-face mask because you don’t want to feel smothered, you need to take a look at the AirFit P10. It is as discreet and compact as you could wish for!  This also helps with the freedom to turn and roll in your sleep, if you know yourself to be a night-time gymnast.
  • Reliable; in all tests, the P10 rates well in durability and reliance.
  • Peace at last; advances in air diffusion means that you’ll be able to hear next to nothing from your mask. A real bonus for both you and your bed partner, because nobody wants to hear an impression of Bane from Batman when the lights go out.

What we don’t like…

  • Compliance compromise?; as with most non-full face masks, there is a risk of slightly reduced compliance; essentially less of what your CPAP machine is doing actually being delivered where it needs to go.  However, you don’t have to make much of a compromise at all with the P10 as RedMed maintains their incredibly high standards.


If you are going down the nasal pillow route, this is arguably the pick of the bunch.  Great comfort and a great performance from an industry leading manufacturer.

4. ResMed AirTouch F20

Yet further establishing themselves as a market leader, ResMed present to you another incredibly comfortable full face mask that helps get the best out of your CPAP machine,

best cpap masks ResMed AirTouch F20 Full Face CPAP Mask

What we like…

  • Oh, that’s soft; it’s the first to feature the UltraSoft memory foam. So much like the dent in the couch that perfectly fits your backside thanks to years of sitting there, this will mold to your face in the same way.
  • Easy on, easy off; you are able to disconnect the mask without removing the tubing thanks to the quick-release elbow. It also features some very useful magnetic clips which will guide the headgear into the frame.
  • For her; the AirTouch F20 has a ‘for her’ mask to give all the features of the mask but designed for smaller facial features. It also has the option of a nice lavender color if that happens to be your thing.

What we don’t like…

  • Guaranteed results; strange thing to flag up as a ‘negative’, we know that But if you are finding yourself leaning away from the full face mask as the idea makes you feel a bit smothered, this mask may highlight that feeling.  However, tests have shown that you will be getting a very high level of compliance, maximizing the full impact of your lovely new CPAP machine.


Another top of the range product from ResMed which is pretty much as comfortable as you could wish for.  If you’re in the market for a full-face mask, you can’t go wrong with this one.

5. Philips Respironics ComfortGel Blue

Phillips Respironics have really put in the time and research to create a brilliant full-face mask.  When putting together our Best CPAP Masks of 2020 list, we knew this would be featured thanks to some fantastic user reviews.

best cpap masks Respironics Comfort Gel Full Face CPAP Mask

What We Like…

  • Comfort; the ComfortGel used in this mask is a gel to be jealous of. A different material to traditional full-face mask cushions, it will feel luxurious as it’s placed on your face each night.  The gel cushion clips into the unique silicone comfort flap making this a great feeling mask as you sleep.
  • Silicone flap; speaking of that silicone flap! The cushions clip into it and are protected by the flap making for less superficial damage over time. But it also helps create a brilliant seal so that you get the full benefits of your CPAP treatment.
  • Up, up and away; the advanced diffusion of air means that this mask is a) very, very quiet. But also b) not going to be blowing air all over you or your partner as you sleep. Air is directed up and away from you rather than down.  With other masks, some users become too aware of the air moving over their face. Not with the Respironics Comfort Blue full-face mask.
  • Adjusts easily; the swivel base forehead creates a personalized fit, making for great comfort through the night. The CPAP elbow has a full 360-degrees range of movement meaning you can move around in the night almost unrestricted.  It also has quick release tabs so you can easily disconnect in the middle of the night without needed to put the full head gear back on when you come back.

What we don’t like…

  • More colors?; it’s very blue. Some users would like to see it in other colors.  But let’s be honest, when the lights are out who really cares anyway!?


If you want great compliance and fit but don’t quite want to spend as much as a market leader, like the ResMed Mirage Quattro, you can’t go wrong here. A great full-face mask and no surprise to see it on our list of Best CPAP Masks.

6. Philips Respironics DreamWear Gel Pillows

Utilizing the comfort gel of their full-face mask, the Respironics DreamWear provides awesome comfort and a really clever design feature to assist even the most active of sleepers.

best cpap masks Respironics DreamWear Gel Nasal Pillows CPAP Mask

What we like…

  • Top thinking; straight out, what you’ll notice is that the tubing connects to the mask at the top of the head. So rather than having the tubing at the front of your face, you’re going to be almost oblivious to it.  For a lot of people, this is a real plus point.  Not just because it allows you unbelievable freedom in your sleep but because it makes you feel much freer and a lot less smothered.  This is something which you would struggle to get from a full-face mask.  So if you are put off by full-face masks as you might feel a bit claustrophobic, you’ll love this feature of the DreamWear.  The tubing also swivels in its connector adding to your range of movement.
  • You’ll forget it’s there; as well as the head connector, the mask is so lightweight and flexible you’ll start to forget you’re wearing it in no time at all.  A great ‘skinny’ design reduces facial soreness and you’ll have a full field of vision.  So you’re free to read, watch TV, or flick through your phone.

What we don’t like…

  • Doing your machine justice?; if you don’t go for a full-face mask you may have to concede a bit of efficiency in the treatment. This is still an incredible mask for compliance though, so if your treatment needs aren’t too specific or needing to be 100% precise you will have no issues at all.  It still provides great results even for a non-full face mask.


One of the least intrusive and restrictive CPAP masks your money can buy!  Comfort and design are top end to allow for a peaceful and unhindered night of sleep.

Types of CPAP masks

This list of the Best CPAP Masks of 2020 is going to be made up of the 3 main types of CPAP masks; the full-face mask, the nasal mask, and the nasal pillow mask.

  • Full-face mask:  This covers both the nose and mouth.  Favored by the majority, including us, thanks to the unrivaled consistent levels of treatment that they offer.  There are some brilliant options in nasal masks and nasal pillow masks but if you’re a mouth breather or struggle to breathe through your nose, the full-face mask will offer the greatest chance of compliance (consistent levels of treatment through the night)
  • Nasal mask:  As the name suggests, these cover just the nose.  A good choice if you know you move around a lot in your sleep, or if you have some high-pressure settings as part of your treatment.
  • Nasal pillow mask:  This inserts a small prong inside the nose.  Patients who feel a bit smothered by the full face mask may prefer this, or if you have a large amount of facial hair this is also a good option.
  • Hybrid mask: There is also hybrid masks that cover the mouth but use pillows to create a seal within the nose. These types of mask are used to address specific issues such as having problems with chaffing or irritation on the bridge of the nose or inner cheek.

CPAP Mask Maintenance Reminder

Like with your machine, it is important to maintain and look after your CPAP mask.  You’ve invested in your sleep so you really want to make sure you get the very best treatment.

If you buy a full-face mask you should be changing the cushions once a month, and on the nasal mask variations it should be every fortnight. At least once a week you should disassemble your mask and components to give them a thorough clean. The SoClean 2 is a great CPAP cleaner that will make your life much easier.


When it comes to choosing an effective sleep apnea machine mask that will work in treating your sleep apnea disorder, there are many things to consider. These include finding a mask that has the right specifications and features for your specific disorder and your specific needs.

When looking to find the best CPAP mask for you, choosing any of the top 3 masks, the ResMed Mirage Quattro as the best full face mask, the ResMed Mirage FX as the best nasal mask or the ResMed Airfit P10 as the best nasal pillow mask, will not do you wrong.