The Top 8 Best BiPAP Machines of 2019

1. ResMed AirCurve 10 VAuto w/ Humidifier

ResMed AirCurve 10 BiPAP Machine When you think of top level PAP devices, you will immediately think of ResMed. So does the ResMed AirCurve 10 further cement this reputation. Well, in a word, yes!

What we like

This BiPap machine has so many features and design assets, it was a clear choice for the top of our list.

  • It features Bluetooth connectivity, meaning you can sync and download data for easy and clear analysis of your stats.
  • It has a very clever leak management system called Vsync allowing for optimum levels of treatment through the night.
  • It is so easy to use! So much of the very intelligent design and software us a breeze to get your head around. The humidifier system is fully integrated and the climate control has a brilliant auto setting allowing for almost immediate comfort.
  • Adding to the great efficiency of treatment is the hose with a 360-degree range of movement; more room to move freely means less chance of a break in the seal. It also makes for a much more comfortable, and much less restrained, night of sleep. For many sleep apnea patients, this is a huge deal as PAP treatment can create feelings of claustrophobia.
  • It also has an even more compact design than its predecessor, the S9. A very sleek and neat design means more room on your bedside table. It also means travel with the AirCurve 10 is very straightforward, especially when you consider the free travel case.

What we don’t like

  • You know what we don?t like?? How predictable our reviews of ResMed PAP machines are becoming!? We?re almost crying out for one of them to be a bit poor so that we can write something less complimentary for once!


Arguably the best BiPAP machine your money could buy. Everyone’s specific requirements are different, so be sure to do your own research. But you would need a very good reason to venture too far from the ResMed AirCurve 10.

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2. Respironics Dreamstation BiPAP Auto With Heated Humidifier

The most recent addition to the Respironics Dreamstation BiPAP range, and arguably the best yet. Along with ResMed, Philips Respironics are a pacesetter in PAP treatment.

What we like

  • This thing looks awesome. A really sleek design that will enhance your nightstand rather than looking like the piece of medical equipment that it actually is.
  • The LCD screen has been enlarged compared to previous models, adding to the very user-friendly interface.
  • The noise has been reduced also. The Dreamstation was never close to being noisy, but it is certainly now very quiet!
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth allow for an easy exchange of data for analysis.
  • It is so wonderfully easy to set up and operate. In a way that it’s possible to use an iPad without any real guidance thanks to its logical and obvious design, the Dreamstation will be a straightforward experience.

What we don’t like

  • Too many frills: Traditionally the Dreamstation has been a high-end product but with a focus on doing the basics extremely well. This model has an unusually high level of features and add-ons, which might put-off the Dreamstation traditionalists. However, those features are so easy to use and their purpose has been presented so clearly, you will probably be delighted with all the new toys it brings.


A quality BiPAP machine that will provide you with an incredibly high level of treatment with an incredibly low level of fuss.

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3. DeVilbiss IntelliPAP Bilevel S and Humidifier

A great BiPAP for users that require high-pressure treatment.

What we like

  • High pressure. This BiPAP is particularly comfortable when administering high-pressure treatment. It boasts a pressure range of 3-25 cm and delta up to 22 cm H2O. It has the pressure ramp feature though, so these high-pressure settings are gradually built up to enable you to fall asleep before the treatment really kicks in.
  • It’s a breeze! Despite being able to operate at very high pressures, the DeVilbiss IntelliPAP is incredibly comfortable. Their patented Flow Rounding technology allows for very smooth and gentle treatment even when at these high-pressure settings. So you don’t have to compromise a relaxing night of sleep in order to receive the BiPAP therapy you need.
  • Did you hear something? Well if you did, it probably wasn’t this BiPAP machine! It is incredibly quiet, especially when you consider the levels of pressure it can operate under. Some have described it as whisper quiet. Great news for both you and your bed companion.
  • Small and compact. Because of the high-pressure settings we have flagged up, you may have imagined a machine that’s huge in size? Well think again! It is remarkably small and compact, which is great for traveling and also great for the amount of room you have on your bedside table.

What we don’t like

  • It ain’t pretty. If you want a BiPAP machine that will fit in nicely next to your iPad and trendy night lamp, this may not be the one for you. It does look a bit medical. Which of course it is though! So if you’re not fussed for your BiPAP machine to look good whilst it dishes out top-level treatment, this minor downside won’t be an issue.


An incredibly good BiPAP machine that proves you don’t have to stick to the top 2 big names in the industry to get great sleep apnea treatment.


4. RESmart BiPAP & Humidifier

If you love the stats that back up the quality of sleep you are getting, this is a machine you’ll love.

What we like

  • Stat attack! You’ve got everything you’d need for great analysis of your treatment. This device has complete data reporting with cloud-based iCode, so you can assess your treatment and sleep to make the smallest of tweaks. It is also SD card compatible allowing the storage or transfer of data.
  • Works on its own. What is meant by that? Well it auto compensates for changes that could affect your treatment. For example, altitude or leaks created by a slight break in the seal from your moving about.
  • Hey good lookin! It’s a very smart looking piece of kit. It looks like a machine that knows what it is doing but at the same time doesn’t look like a piece of medical apparatus. So it is more likely to seamlessly fit into your bedroom surroundings.

What we don’t like

  • Small screen. For something that is so stat heavy, some people may find the screen a bit small. If you are going through data a lot, you might get frustrated. However, most of the data will be uploaded and taken away to your doctor for the two of you to go through on a nice big computer monitor, so you won’t actually be spending much time squinting at the display yourself!


A great BiPAP for the data intensive user who appreciation for aesthetics but doesn’t want to pay the premium prices for the AirCurve or the Dreamstation.

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5. Respironics PR System One BiPAP Auto

A good performance at a good price. Not the best looking BiPAP machine on the market, but the aesthetics aren’t too high on your priority list, this is a machine well worth a look.

What we like?

  • It has very clever flex comfort technology. This allows for a level of pressure relief on exhalation, making for a great level of comfort, even under high-pressure treatments.
  • Its mask sync feature is also very intuitive. During set-up, you can specify which mask you are using as part of your BiPAP treatment. The PR System One will then adapt its settings slightly to allow for maximum comfort and efficiency.
  • As you would expect from a Respironics machine, it contains a great heated humidifier.
  • It also features built-in dry-box meaning there is pretty much zero chance of any water escaping from the res, regardless of how forcefully the machine is knocked or dropped. A really useful feature, because a wet BiPAP machine is a broken BiPAP machine.
  • The display also has an auto-dimming setting. This should be standard on all PAP machines because otherwise your bedroom is lit up like Vegas as you are trying to sleep.

What we don’t like

  • Unfortunately, it isn’t the most aesthetically pleasing BiPAP machine on the market. But if performance trumps good looks on your checklist, you should definitely look into making this investment.


A BiPAP machine hugely deserving of its place on this list. Some really clever features make it a top choice for anyone looking to not spend the really big bucks of a Dreamstation or AirCurve 10.

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6. Respironics BiPAP Pro Bi-Flex

The Respironics BiPAP Pro Bi-Flex is a BiPAP machine that focuses on the core treatments and does them very, very well.

What we like

  • No frills! If you want an easy approach to your sleep apnea treatment, this is a BiPAP machine that is certainly worth a look. Being Respironics, you know that it is of a high quality. But you don’t get a vast array of features, settings, modes, and add-ons which for a lot of people is a real plus point. Just the core treatment, done to a high standard.
  • The other big positive to this machine is how easy it is to clean. Not sure if that was something they set out to be a feature from the early stages of design, but it certainly is something they have managed to create. So if you’ve found cleaning previous BiPAP machines to be a mission that you didn’t enjoy, this is definitely one to put on your shortlist.
  • We know the Pro Bi-Flex does its core tasks very well. And one of them is the level of moisture offered during treatment. The heated humidifier is very effective. Great moisture throughout the treatment, meaning almost no significant level of nasal dryness come the morning.

What we don’t like

  • A bit too basic: Whilst for many, the simplicity of the functions is a real bonus. For a lot of others, it might lack some of the bells and whistles. But take a look at the spec and decide for yourself! Because what this BiPAP machine does do, it does extremely well!


A quality built BiPAP machine that will get the job done. For the user who doesn’t require any bells and whistles or is concerned about the aesthetics.


7. Respironics BiPAP Auto

A BiPAP machine that can offer really personalized treatments thanks to its versatile operating modes.

What we like

  • It’s so flexible (not physical, it’s a very solid build!). I mean the modes of treatment are very adaptable, allowing you as the patient to really fine tune your treatment and comfort. A BiPAP machine that offers treatment truly unique to you.
  • This machine uses Bi-Flex Technology meaning it ranks very highly on the comfort scale. Breathing doesn’t feel like a battle at any point, as can sometimes happen, particularly under higher pressure treatment.
  • The humidifier is of the quality you have come to expect from Respironics. Next to no dryness of nose and throat through the night and when you wake up!

What we don’t like

  • If you’re a fan of aesthetics, this might not be the machine for you. It does look a little clinical and does stand out as something that couldn’t just be a modem or fancy Bluetooth speaker! But for a lot of people that makes them feel like they are getting quality treatment; it looks like you would imagine a high-tech piece of medical equipment to look!


A great BiPAP machine that offers a great level of bespoke treatment at a price that won’t break the bank.


8. Respironics BiPAP AutoSV Advanced

A very clever machine, with some brilliant use of technology that makes for great sleep apnea treatment.

What we like

  • Advanced event detection. This is one of the clever features that sets this BiPAP machine apart from so many. This will detect sleep disturbances and subtly tweak the treatment in real time to prevent any significant loss of treatment or any disruption to the patient’s comfort. You sleep soundly, none the wiser of any problems that get dealt with before they become an issue!
  • Another great feature is the Auto Servo Ventilation. Respironics was rightly proud of this one, hence why they named this particular BiPAP machine after it (Auto SV). This is a form of ventilated breathing, so each breath doesn’t feel so forced and unnatural.
  • Auto EPAP. This could have come under the label of the advanced event detection, but it got its own name! The machine responds when it clocks that the patient hasn’t made the desired changes to any adjustments in pressure. It will make necessary tweaks to those adjustments in order to get the desired impact, and then log those settings for further down the line.
  • Bi-Flex tech. As with so many of the Respironics machines, this comes with Bi-Flex technology, adding further comfort to each individual breath of the patient.
  • The size! With all this tech, you would imagine you would have a device the size of an early 1990s PC sat on your bedside table. In fact, this manages to remain quite discreet and compact.

What we don’t like

  • It’s not that we don’t like this. We get it totally! But there are less expensive BiPAP machines out there. The argument is though (and it’s right), there are also less good BiPAP machine out there. The use of tech is clever, justified and impressive.


A hugely impressive BiPAP machine that will leave you feeling in very safe hands as you turn out your light each bedtime.

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Why use a BiPAP machine versus a CPAP machine?

If you’ve found this article, you are more than likely on the lookout for one of the best BiPAP machines. Or at the least, you may want to know more about BiPAP machines over the more regularly used CPAP machines. There are a variety of cases in which the use of a BiPAP machine over a traditional CPAP machine is highly suggested and preferred. Such reasons include:

1. Exhalation Discomfort: The most common reason for the use of a BiPAP over a CPAP is that you are experiencing discomfort during expiration or having trouble expiring all together due the excessive pressure. As a lower pressure is applied during exhalation, also known as epap (expiratory pressure), relative to the required pressure during inhalation, also known as ipap (inspiratory pressure), you are able to experience a much more comfortable and effective form of treatment. When you are comfortable with you PAP therapy, you are far more likely to easily and quickly adjust to your treatment as well as use such treatment on a consistent basis. That is why it is important to consider using a BiPAP if you are experiencing discomfort using a CPAP.

2. Central Sleep Apnea: You may have central sleep apnea. Central sleep apnea patients are known to respond better to BiPAP over CPAP therapy.

3. Other Respiratory Condition: If you have some kind of ventilatory impairment?such as Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (CPOD) or an Adult Respiratory Distress Syndrome, a bilevel therapy would be more effective.

How The Best BiPAP Machine Was Determined

Sleep apnea and other sleep disorders can be very frustrating to deal with. They can cause exhaustion not only from the lack of sleep due to sleep disturbances but due to finding the right sleep apnea treatment that works for them. While there are many BiPAP Machines out there for this type of treatment, not every machine will work the same for every patient who is diagnosed with sleep apnea. Each BiPAP Machine has its own specifications and features that provide a different benefit for each patient and may change due to the sleep issues at hand. Over the course of my sleep apnea treatments, I have had to use many different machines for my treatments and these included both BiPAP and CPAP Machines. While many people would get irritated with having to use many different machines to find the most effective treatment for their sleep issues, I find myself lucky to be able to experience the use of many different machines as this has provided me with the knowledge necessary to share these top 6 Best BiPAP Machines reviews with everyone experiencing their own sleep apnea treatments. The top 3 in this list are truly the best bipap machines of 2018 and choosing between the 3 really comes down to your personal needs and preferences. Now, without further delay, let’s find out what is the best BiPAP machine for you!

Best BiPAP Machines Conclusion

There are a lot of BiPAP machines that didn’t make the cut. It is important to remember that not every BiPAP Machine will work the same for every patient who has been diagnosed with sleep apnea, other sleep disorders or sleep disturbances. However, through all of my BiPAP reviews I would have to say that the above 8 mentioned BiPAP Machines are among the best out there in treating sleep apnea and other sleep issues as well. Sleep apnea treatment shouldn’t be uncomfortable. It also shouldn’t be something to fear or be irritated by. And it certainly shouldn’t only make a small bit of difference. Correctly diagnosed and correctly treated, you will feel the benefits in so many wonderful ways. So spend your hard earned dollars wisely! Some other articles that might be helpful for you include my article on the best CPAP masks, best masks for side sleepers and my article on my favorite CPAP machines!