Cara GilmoreHello friends,

My name is Dr. Cara Gilmore Ph.D. I am from Birmingham, Alabama and I am a Board Certified in Sleep Medicine (ABSM-certified), Doctor.

I was not surprised when I was diagnosed with sleep apnea in 2004 as I had already had been exposed to the disorder as many of my family members were already living with the condition for many years. I was initially devastated by this news, but I soon came to the conclusion that this was no way to approach life. I became determined to not allow my sleep apnea to hinder my quality of life. Before my diagnosis, my symptoms were hurting my performance at work and preventing me from enjoying the things I so enjoyed, including spending time with my family. In hindsight, the diagnosis was truly a blessing as this allowed me to address my problem and get my life back.

Over the last 10 years I continually strive to find the optimal treatment and strategies to not only address my sleep apnea, but to also improve my quality of sleep overall as I have found that quality sleep is the foundation to a good day. I have obtained my vast knowledge about sleep apnea through interviewing many patients and physicians that are sleep specialists, reading countless journals, studies, and blogs, as well as personally testing out various products including sleep apnea equipment. I found it rewarding to share my knowledge with the sleep apnea community through the many forums including apneaboard.com, so I decided to take it to the next level and develop this website to share the knowledge I had obtained through my own experiences, the experiences of professional and fellow patients, and countless hours of research. It has truly become a passion for me and I continue to strive to provide the best information possible in the hope to others and improve their quality of life through better sleep. I hope you find this website helpful and please do not hesitate to provide your comments here as I greatly appreciate any feedback or suggestions. Sleep well my friends.