Best CPAP Machines of 2021 – Which is the right one for you?

If you are in a hurry and just want to find out which is the absolute best CPAP machine out there then I’d recommend the Philips Respironics Dreamstation Auto as the best one.

Sleep apnea ruining your life? Welcome to the Best CPAP Machines. If left untreated, this disruption to your breathing during sleep can increase the risk of heart attacks, strokes, heart disease, obesity and injury caused by accidents in your waking hours as a result of fatigue. So you need to get it sorted. Plus. it’s good to see that you’re searching out CPAP machine reviews; it’s important to find the treatment that is right for you.

Here are the machines we’ll be reviewing:

1. Philips Respironics DreamStation Auto CPAP

The Philips Respironoics DreamStation CPAP machine is one of the newest hot CPAP machines on the market right now. As ResMed came out with their AirSense 10 line of CPAPs, this is Philips Respironics DreamStation CPAP machine model with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi capabilities built-in.

“We see your ResMed AirSense 10 CPAP machine and we raise you a Dreamstation Auto with Humidifier CPAP machine…” may have been what the tech team at Phillips Respironics were saying to themselves when they launched this. As one of the newest CPAP machines around, it is a seriously smart piece of technology.

The DreamStation series wasn’t developed overnight; many years of consumer research and lengthy interviews with Sleep Therapy patients from all around the world has gone into developing this high-end product.

philips respironics dreamstation

What We Like…


Smaller and lighter than the already small and light System One, this is a CPAP machine that will blend it with your bedroom as naturally as your bedside lamp. Thanks to its smart design and low profile, the untrained eye would simply think they’re looking at a new Amazon Echo or Google Home unit.

High Spec

Bluetooth and wireless technology built in for the ease of data transfer. The full color LCD display makes that data easy to interpret and follow.


It’s so quiet. With less than 30dB, it purrs almost silently, meaning that you’re not having to also invest in some ear defenders to use this thing.

The free extras

So many additional bits have been thrown in: a carry case, SD card and a year’s supply of filters which is a real bonus.

It sticks to the day job

Despite all these wonderful additional benefits, the DreamStation Auto CPAP with Humidifier performs its main task superbly. Inbuilt advanced event detection and intelligent automation settings that responds to your exact therapy needs. It then also provides a clear daily progress summary allowing you as the patient to review the therapy from one night to the next.

What We Don’t Like…


I wouldn’t say we don’t like this, but it if we’re scratching around for a negative we would have to say the cost. But to be fair to the team at Phillips Respironics, if you are making the best then you get to charge a little more. And being even more fair to them, for everything you get with this product, they are being very reasonable with their asking price.


Phillips Respironics have clearly listened to their consumer demands and suggestions and the result is arguably on of the the Best CPAP machines on the market right now. Hard to find a flaw to be honest. From an overall quality and performance perspective, with all its great features and easy to use display, I would have to say this is the best CPAP machine on the market today.

Even with its slightly higher price tag, what this machine provides far exceeds its cost. So if you want the best and you are willing to spend a little more, then I would definitely recommend you pick up the Dreamstation Auto CPAP with heated humidifier.

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2. ResMed AirSense 10 Autoset With Heated Humidifier

Before the DreamStation Auto came along, we would probably be looking at the biggest dog in the yard with the ResMed AirSense 10, the successor of the very popular S9 series. Full of some very clever features to assist a variety of patients, this CPAP machine should almost certainly be on your shortlist.

ResMed AirSense 10 Autoset

What We Like…

The patient experience

There are a couple of features designed to create the most calming and rewarding night’s sleep possible. For example, their trademarked AutoRamp technology means that the pressure starts low and gradually builds to the prescribed setting so that there’s no sudden influx of air and the patient feels like they are on a bouncy castle at a 10 year old’s birthday party.

The trademarked ClimateLineAir and HumidAir technology create the optimum air temperature and comfort, whilst another clever design component reduces pressure ever so slightly as the patient exhales to make it even a more gentle and comfortable breathing experience.

The display

Whilst not as clear as the Dreamstation display, this LCD display has an ambiance setting which will automatically adjust to the light in the room, and will also turn off automatically when not required. Otherwise, your sleep apnea may not be disturbing you in the night, but the Christmas Tree like glare from your CPAP machine would be.

The look

You really feel like you have bought a great device with this CPAP machine. It looks like something that knows what it was put on this earth to do and as a result, you feel you are in very safe hands and as this is the top of line CPAP machine from one of two leading manufacturers of CPAP equipment, I can fully assure you, you are in very safe hands!

What We Don’t Like…

May take a bit of time to learn

If you are not into tech you may find it a bit more tricky at first. However, all the features are worth getting your head around. All the features are totally worthwhile and top of the line in terms of CPAP innovation.

So it is worth taking the time to learn it all. You’ll need a couple of sessions to get to grips with it but there is no doubt that this is a very clever CPAP machine with some of the best technology available to the world of sleep apnea.


Get your head around all the incredible features and settings and you will have invested in an excellent CPAP machine that will provide you that comfortable and restful nights sleep you have been looking for.

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3. DeVilbiss IntelliPAP Standard With Heated Humidifier And Heated Tubing

DeVilbiss has been very clever here. An entry level cost with a high-level performance. You won’t get all the bells and whistles that comes with top of the range like the DreamStation but you will get a reliable and highly thought out CPAP machine.

IntelliPAP Standard Plus

What We Like…

Beautifully simple

It has a job to do and it does it. Nothing fancy, nothing confusing. A straightforward and easy to use CPAP machine. After a long day, you won’t feel like you’ve got one more job to do when firing up the IntelliPAP.

Buy cheap, buy twice

The entry level price tag may put some people off. It shouldn’t. All reviews and reports are that this is a reliable CPAP machine and to prove it, the manufacturers sell it with a 3 year warranty as standard. 3 years! That’s not usual. They must really back themselves; and quite rightly, they do.

Clever tech

as you would expect, it is not packed with the latest features. But what tech it does use makes this a great little machine. Such as the delay pressure ramp so the patient is eased into their night of therapy, and the registered SmartCode compliance tracking making the data easy to transfer.

Is this thing on?

this is a seriously quiet CPAP machine. Whisper quiet. Which perhaps you wouldn’t expect if you are not spending top dollar. But trust us, it is quiet!

What We Don’t Like…

It’s no oil painting

No, it is no oil painting. But that’s because it is a CPAP machine and if you don’t want to be paying the big bucks then you have to make a sacrifice somewhere. It just looks a bit like the piece of medical kit that it is. To be fair though, whilst some look sexier this isn’t exactly ugly! And it is small, so don’t think it’s going to be an eyesore. 


A brilliantly basic CPAP machine that despite costing almost half of some of the others, is well deserving of its place on this list. The 3 year warranty should ease the most paranoid of minds as well.

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How Do CPAP Machines Help You To Get Better Sleep?

Put simply, sleep apnea is your body’s failure to breathe properly during sleep. This is most commonly caused by the soft tissue at the back of your nose, mouth, and throat collapsing and blocking your airways (known as Obstructive Sleep Apnea, or OSA). It can also be caused by poor communication between your lungs and brain so the command to breathe isn’t always sent and received (this is Central Sleep Apnea, CSA).

You may not even know you have sleep apnea and therefore you may not know you need one of these machines available to you. Your only clue that something isn’t right might be tiredness during the day despite getting 8 hours of sleep at night. It may well take your loving, and by now very irritable, partner to tell you that in the night you regularly stop breathing and then start again with a loud snort. Or your body has periods of panicked behavior throughout the night as it rushes to level out oxygen levels in your blood again after you’ve unknowingly not taken a breath for the best part of two minutes. Sleep apnea is diagnosed by a sleep study, and if confirmed it is a condition that you should not ignore.

How will a CPAP machine help you? Imagine this; you’re trying to put on a rubber glove but it’s stuck together, what do you do? Blow into it to it, inflate it and open it up. Now imagine that glove is your respiratory system during the night and a small machine on your bedside table is providing a stream of air to keep your pipes open whilst you sleep. That is the basic function of the CPAP machine – it provides a Continous Positive Airway Pressure so you achieve unbroken peaceful sleep without choking and spluttering as your own throat blocks itself in your sleep.

If you have Central Sleep Apnea, you’ll still need to look at the best CPAP machines but a variation known as a BiPAP machine. Rather than continuously blowing that rubber glove open, here there are two rates of air flow (one for inhaling, one for exhaling) that maintain the body’s breathing rhythm when the messages between the lungs and brain have abandoned their duties.  Click here for our Best BiPAP Machines of 2020!

The Best Machine For You Is Personal

The best machine for one person is not necessarily the best machine for another. Everybody is different including their sleep apnea and their personal preferences so of course, each person will find different CPAP work best for different people. Which is why it is so important to do your research and study CPAP machine reviews.

That being said, there is definitely a set of CPAP machines that are better than the rest and it simply comes down to personal preference after you narrow it down to this exclusive set of CPAP machines.

How I Picked The Best

I have rated these machines based on a large array of criteria including overall performance of alleviating apneas, comfort, noise level, features, ease of use, size/weight, and aesthetics. I have performed countless hours of research and testing, talked with hundreds of other fellow patients, as well as conferred with various physicians to create this list of CPAP machines.

The manufacturers of sleep apnea supplies are constantly coming out with new, but not always better, equipment. I have remained vigilant in keeping up with any new CPAPs so this list remains up to date.

Which Of The best CPAP Machines Should You Buy?

Which should you buy? Well, that really depends on your needs and what is more important to you. We do hope though that these CPAP machine reviews have been helpful.

There is no doubt that buying the DreamStation or AirSense 10 is like buying the Tesla or Rolls Royce of CPAP Machines. You may even look forward to the end of the day to fire it up! But equally you don’t need to spend that money if you don’t have to, other CPAP machines have just as much potential to become your new best friend.

Whichever one you do end up purchasing, you should definitely not pay more than you have to and you should receive the top quality customer service you deserve while having your CPAP machine delivered right to your door with no hassle.

Happy Sleeping from Cara and the SnoringABC Team!